One ring to rule them all

*Hair: Caroline by .:EMO-tions:.  

*Middle Earth Gacha by SPELL @ The Chapter Four
SPELL : Galadriel Tiara
SPELL : One Ring to rule them all
SPELL : Anduril

*Aurora Gacha by Enfant Terrible @ Lootbox Event 
.Enfant Terrible. Auroras Headpiece Creme/Gold
.Enfant Terrible. Auroras Bodysuit Maitreya Lootbox Light
.Enfant Terrible. Auroras Overthrow Maitreya Lootbox Light

Shoes: Tiffany for Maitreya Lara by N-Core

*SPELL : Doors of Durin – RARE by SPELL @ The Chapter Four

Dwarf Forest [Ember] by *alirium*

Link to SPELL Gacha Key
Link to Enfant Terrible Gacha Key

It’s not easy being a model

*Hiraeth Harness by Empire @ The Fetish Fair
*Primrose Collar by \//.VoluptasVirtualis @ Blush
*Shoes: Alexa Patent Leather for Maitreya Lara by N-CoreThe Fetish Fair
Hair: Tableau Vivant \\ Hairplay – Side Blow – Natural Dye by Tableau Vivant

The Boutique Gacha by Disorderly @ Rewind
DISORDERLY. / The Boutique / Checkout Counter
DISORDERLY. / The Boutique / Display Mannequin / Female / RARE
DISORDERLY. / The Boutique / Display Mannequin / Male / RARE
DISORDERLY. / The Boutique / Punk Magazine Stack
DISORDERLY. / The Boutique / Badge Display
DISORDERLY. / The Boutique / Wall Display / Female
DISORDERLY. / The Boutique / Pants Rack
DISORDERLY. / The Boutique / Folded Shirt Display
DISORDERLY. / The Boutique / Wall Display / Male

Pose: Togetherness Rare by Le Poppycock

TTS 2nd Anniversary Photo Contest

“She brandished a sword just as good as she did her femininity…”


This anniversary round of Totally Top Shelf is coming to an end in the next days and I wanted to get in one more post before it was over.  I’m also participating in the photo contest as I liked the idea of using items from previous events. Here’s one good reason for liking my inventory set up of naming folders by events and dating them.

I’m featuring the newest release of skins by Essences called Zara made for Catwa and it’s available now at this round of Shiny Shabby.  Now for this contest photo. The theme for this round of Totally Top Shelf is Rome and I really loved this dress that I’m wearing that is named after the Roman Goddess Minerva.  It’s why I decided to stick to the theme for this picture and feature items that would compliment what I’m wearing.  The dress is by [QE] Designs and the ear cuffs are by Attitude is an Art Form, which are a little hard to see so I did this close up photo to show the jewelry a bit better. The other jewelry that I am wearing is by [Ketamine], which are the bracelets and finger rings with turquoise.


The dangling bracelet is an older event item by !Musa!.  The hair and the golden net are by Chimeric Fashions, also from a previous Totally Top Shelf event as well as the Gyda Torq and armlet by QweenB.  The sword also is from a pose set by La Jolie Rose Poses.

The rest of the items are just from ongoing or previous events, which are all listed below.  The garden pavilion with the lanterns, chaise and table are by Dysfunctionality, which I just now recall doing a previous Roman theme, “Respite”.

Have a great Monday!

*Skin: Zara for Catwa by EssencesShiny Shabby
*Minerva Dress Maitreya by [QE] Designs @ Totally Top Shelf
*Web Ear Cuffs by Attitude is an Art Form @ Totally Top Shelf
*Eleonor Jewelry by [Ketamine] @  Totally Top Shelf
Christmas & Devil Bracelet (yellow gold) by !Musa! {Dec. 2015 Totally Top Shelf}
Royal Thorns Hair (Brown) & Hair Net (Gold) by ~Chimeric Fashions~{July 2015 Totally Top Shelf}
Gyda Torq & Armlets – Gold by *QweenB* {April 2016 Totally Top Shelf}
Katana Pose Prop by *La Jolie Rose* {July 2015 Totally Top Shelf}
Shoes: Laced Gladiators (Maitreya) Silver #4 by Reign {past gacha}
Surya Tattoo – Common – Gold by Real Evil Industries {past gacha}

The Garden Pavilion w/ Lanterns, Chaise & Table by Dysfunctionality
Golden Apple Bowl by David Heather
“Secret Garden” Rose {Goth/Secret} by Garden- by anc @ Collabor88
Suger Rose Field [Pink] by {anc}

There’s a fire burning deep inside that I can’t control


*Eye Makeup: Cacia by Zibska @ Shiny Shabby
*Lip Makeup: Sassa by Zibska @ Shiny Shabby
*Hair: No.Meaning by No.Match @ On9
*Hieroglyph Earrings by Ersch @ On9
*Shoes: Xiuying Dragon Wedges by Jambee
Royal Cloud Dragon by Katat0nik {June 2016 Arcade}
Energy – Choker – Black #22 by Blueberry @ The Epiphany
Energy – Catsuit – Black #3 by Blueberry @ The Epiphany

*Harmony Headdress (orange) by Ersch @ On9
*Harmony Headdress (black) by Ersch @ On9 
*Harmony Headdress (red) by Ersch @ On9 
{These are headdress used as decor, were enlarged and modded}

Pose: Random2_f02f by Dyer Maker Animations {Modded}

The only journey is the one within

NC 007

*War Helmet V2 by [Noble Creations] {Updated}
*Fringed Anklet – Monochrome by Alaskametro @ On9
*Eterna Harness w/out Coins Black by Luas @ Totally Top Shelf
#4 Oakley – Chain Panties Black by Blueberry {past gacha}
The Quest – Necklace – Silver by Remarkable Oblivion @ The Arcade
The Quest – Shoulders – MoonKnight by Remarkable Oblivion @ The Arcade
The Quest – Armored Vest – Moonknight by Remarkable Oblivion @ The Arcade
The Quest – Gauntlets – Rare by Remarkable Oblivion @ The Arcade
The Quest – King and Queen – Rare by Remarkable Oblivion @ The Arcade

The Quest – Galahad Rare by Remarkable Oblivion @ The Arcade
Enchanted Woods by Studio Skye
Fern Young Sparse by 3D Trees

I left a flowery trail so you won’t get lost

Aisling 0063

*Hair: Vanilla by eXxEsS
*Necklace Zryss by .aisling. @ Whimsical {SL Anniversary Gift}
*Tonya Corset & Panties by .aisling. @ Vintage Fair 2016
*Ramilio Tattoo by Aurica Store @ Totally Top Shelf
*Kaisa Strappy Pump (Maitreya) – Charcoal by Elysium @ On9
Head Accessory – Muskare [white] by LODE
Ballerina Bra – Purity (Maitreya) by Sweet Thing @ The Arcade

Nerites Folly House Rare by Scarlet Creative @ The Arcade
LN Porch Planter by DRD @  The Arcade
LN Birdcage Light Decor by DRD @ The Arcade
Ivy Candlebra by [Black Bantam] @ The Arcade
Flying Curtains – White Lace by Knick Knacks
Decor – Parrot Tulips [dirty] by LODE

Pose Floor Sits 3 by !bang {Modified Left Leg}

Sees in black and white, thinks in greys, but loves in colors

BW 0062

*Runa Tattoo by Aurica Store
Hair41 by [Iruco] **New**
Limited Makeup & Mesh {facial piece} by Slack Girl
Static Head Nicki by Catwa
Triumph Eyes by Ikon
Ellie Corset/Top Pak Black by Azuchi+Vinyl @ We ❤ Role-Play
Scythia Bottom (Noir & Rust) by [LAB737] @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Scythia Arms (Noir) by [LAB737] @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Scythia Boots (Noir) Rare by [LAB737] @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Rest is also a weapon

Fun 030-1ps

Hair: 710 by Barberyumyum
Berserker Complete Outfit by Zenith @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
– Gloves(Black) Maitreya
– HeadBand(Black)
– Breastplate (Black) Maitreya – Rare
– Short with Belt (Black) Maitreya
– Long Boots(Black) Maitreya
– Shoulder(Black) Maitreya
– Swords of Berserker (onBack) – Rare
– Swords of Berserker with Shield (Sword Only) – Rare

Texture: Kerstin Frank

Pose: Grounded2_one by oOo Studio Poses

Let me fall


I’m a big fan of Cirque du Soleil and have had an opportunity to see many of its shows here in America.  It’s just fascinating to watch the dynamic acrobatics that are a part of each show.  Everything… the lighting, costumes and the music just has a creative energy that I absolutely love.

That is where my inspiration came from when I was going through some of the items from Zibska and the aerial silks by Distorted Dreams.


*Loki Hair by Zibska @ The Secret Affair
*Carlisle Adornment by Zibska @ We ❤ Role-Play
*Olyvia Circlet by Zibska @ We ❤ Role-Play
*Zsuzsa Skirt Orbit by Zibska @ Enchantment {part of a complete outfit}
*Aerial Silks 04 by Distorted Dreams @ Genre
*Leona Chestlace Style 1 by .aisling. @ We ❤ Role-Play
Meave Breast {Gold} by .aisling. @ The Fantasy Gacha
Oakley Wings-Gold by Blueberry {Epiphany April 2016}