This is the sister blog to my Bits & Pieces of SL blog where I post everything from my every day wardrobe to home and garden decor.   Though one of the other things that I really enjoy doing is creating different fantasy outfits for which this blog was created for.  The outfits are basically created from new or old items in my inventory from various fantasy and role-play events in Second Life and generally born out of what appeals to my sense of style and taste.

While I love creating outfits I do not role-play.   I also do not claim to know any of the historical premises or origins of the articles of clothing and accessories that I may use outside of the fact the content is created by a creator/designer in Second Life.  Nor do I know the accuracy of the design content, or myths, legends or mythologies that may pertain to them as well.  I may from time to time research a particular period for reference as I put together an outfit if there is a certain theme it was made for that inspires me.

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