Just for fun


Today I am blogging a photo that I took at the end of July around the time when I photographed the same outfit in the black and red and blogged it under my post titled, “Photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone.”  This one was more for my own amusement and practicing my photo processing skills.

Except I have no picture ready for today when I usually have at least a couple on hand for me to use just to stay on top of my blogging commitments. That’s not the case this week as things have been really hectic for me lately.  While last night I tried to organize myself and get a picture done I just couldn’t get inspired to do much of anything and in the end I logged and went to bed.  I hope you enjoy anyhow!

Have a great Friday!

Hair: F519 by Tram
Criminal Police Gacha by Zenith @ The Epiphany
Cloud Dragon by *katat0nik* 

Photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone


“When the erotic and tender are mixed in a woman they form a powerful bond.. a fixation” ~ Anais Nin

*Masters Chair White //FM Adult by Glamrus & (epia) @ Romp 
(Details on chair below credits)
Vintage Camera w/ Tripod by Apple Fall

Hair: Tonight by Magika
Criminal Police Outfit {Gacha} by Zenith @ The Epiphany
-Hat (Black)
-Jacket (Red)
-Shorts (Black) Rare
-Boots (Black) Rare
-Gloves (Black)
-S&M Whip (Black)
-Handcuffs (Black)

Chair has the following:
• 10 Poses – ADULT //Static
• 10 Poses – PG //Static
• 5 Female Singles //Animated
• 5 Male Singles //Animated
– Future Updates
• PG Poses Animated & More Added
• More Adult Poses Added
• More Animated Singles

Original Mesh Props;
• Paddle
• Riding Crop
– Future Updates
• More props TBA Later On

Available in;
• Female/Female – ADULT & PG
• Male/Female – ADULT & PG
– Future Updates;
• Male/Male – ADULT & PG
• Threesome Adult Poses

Rest is also a weapon

Fun 030-1ps

Hair: 710 by Barberyumyum
Berserker Complete Outfit by Zenith @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
– Gloves(Black) Maitreya
– HeadBand(Black)
– Breastplate (Black) Maitreya – Rare
– Short with Belt (Black) Maitreya
– Long Boots(Black) Maitreya
– Shoulder(Black) Maitreya
– Swords of Berserker (onBack) – Rare
– Swords of Berserker with Shield (Sword Only) – Rare

Texture: Kerstin Frank

Pose: Grounded2_one by oOo Studio Poses

Hanging by a moment

Hanging by a Moment 005-2


Mesh Eyelids – Slink
Mia Hair – Phoenix 
Ivory Flower Head Dress (Milk) {Feb 2015 FGC} – Zenith
Milk Tribal Beaded Dress {Feb 2015 FGC} – Zenith

Hatsuyume/Wind Parasol Pink – {anc} @ The Arcade
Hatsuyume/White Peacock Pet Rare – {anc} @ The Arcade
Hatsuyume/Flower Branch Gold – {anc} @ The Arcade
Visage: Light – Swinging Rare {May 2015 FGC} – *Paper Moon*
Visage Light – Hanging Rare {May 2015 FGC} – *Paper Moon*
Visage Light – Gold Candlelabra {May 2015 FGC} – *Paper Moon*

Pose: Hanging-by-a-hand by Ulrika Zugzwang

Close your eyes, clear your heart, let it go.

Snap 021

Showing just a few of the great stuff you can find in this current round of Fantasy Gacha Carnival. Full details on everything I’m wearing and scene listed below in the credits.

Snap 018

Hair – booN – TYU321
*Nephthys Chest Plate Gold Rare, Collar Gold Common, Headdress Gold Ultrarare & Armlets Gold Commmon – [MeshedUp] @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Dress & Flower Crown – Zenith – Cairen Dress & Tou Shi (Lemon) @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival 
Lids – Slink – Mesh Eyelids
Claw Rings – Avanti – Lilith Claw Rings @ Dark Style Fair 

Pingfeng, Niao Long & Gongdeng – Zenith @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Grass – Fanatik Architecture {Group Gift}

Pose: Don’t Speak {used one animation of couple pose} – Le Poppycock {Chapter 4 Anniversary Gift

*Review copy.