On the dawn of a new day…


*Lip Makeup: Sorcha by Zibska – NEW @ The Liaison Collabortive
*Tattoo Applier: Nameless by The White Crow – NEW @ Totally Top Shelf
*Nganga Mask by [Noble Creations] – NEW @ We ❤ Role-Play
*Wicked Corset – Belleza/Maitreya by [Noble Creations] – NEW @ The Liaison Collaborative
*Elegant Fur by [Noble Creations] – NEW @ Main Store
*Nganga Snake Staff by [Noble Creations] – NEW @ We ❤ Role-Play

Other stuff worn:
Hunter.Pants – Black (Maitreya) by Pixicat
Mesh Head: Destiny V4.9 by Catwa
Triumph Eyes – Poltergeist by Ikon
Mesh Body Maitreya – Lara V3.5 by Maitreya

Lioness by Just Animals
Shrub Large Bare by [we’re CLOSED]
Wild Grass by Studio Skye 

Our souls met long before our eyes did

NC 016

*Dominant Fur Collar by [Noble Creations] @ We ❤ Role-Play
Eyes: Sun Eyes / Beige by Arise @ The Dressing Room
Hair: Caley Rigged Mesh by *~*Damselfly*~* @ We ❤ Role-Play
Harness Black by Meva @ We ❤ Role-Play
Nevah Panties by .aisling. 
Bernadotte Boots Black by Lassitude & Ennui @ We ❤ Role-Play

Wolf (Static – Look & Static – Howl) by JIAN
Shrub Large Bare by [we’re CLOSED]
Old Grass by S.R Creations & Clip Arts Pre Fabs
Wild Grass by Studio Skye

Put on Your Warrior Spirit

FP 0023

Don’t let him sway you with his sultry rhymes
Don’t let him woo and steal your heart away
Don’t let him touch your soul with soulful lines
You know, my dear, he only wants to play

Don’t let him tell you that you are divine
Don’t let him make you think that you’re unique
Don’t let him say your eyes are pools sublime
You know, my dear, he wants to make you weak

He wants to break defenses and come in
To taste the hidden pleasures of your heart
He wants to take, to conquer, and to win
And leave the walls of love broken apart

There is no greater pain than wounded pride
When truth reveals betrayal’s sharpened knife
Revenge will be the thorn there in your side
For he has taken love, and dreams and life

So do not let him win in lover’s game
Pick up your sword and gird yourself to fight
If you succumb, you will not be the same
I urge you then to vanquish with your might

Then still your heart and let it dormant lie
Let not your eyes take in the beauty there
He will not stop; he will most surely try
To ravish you and leave you naked, bare

So fight, dear one; your heart is on the line
Don’t let your guard now slip; be strong and brave
Heed what I say and know you’re spirit’s fine
To win this fight, your soul and heart to save

“Put on Your Warrior Spirit” Poem by Eileen Manassian

*Madi Tattoo by .:AS:./Aurica Store @ Fair Play  **May 1st**
*Jewelry Gacha 07 Rare Sword by Nastasica @ Fair Play **May 1st**
*Mistical Warriors Pose by AaaHhh @ Fair Play **May 1st** {Modified w/ Animare Hud}

Hair: Oceana by +elua+
Chakra – 1 – Maitreya – Bodysuit – Rare by Moon Elixir @ The Epiphany
Chakra – 17 – Maitreya – Leg Warmers & High Socks – Charcoal by Moon Elixir @ The Epiphany

Grass Field Green by [we’re CLOSED]
Japanese Maple by [ Organica ]

In the chaotic rubble, she still remembered who she was

“She’s badass with a good heart, soft but strong, unapologetic and honest. She’s the type of woman you go to war beside, she’s the type of woman you marry…” ~r.h. sin


The two gacha sets by .aisling. for this round of the Fantasy Gacha Carnival are just fantastic as always.  I featured the Phryne set a couple of days ago under “To thine own self be true, ” which is just majestic to say the least.  Today I am wearing pieces that make up the Aspasia set.

It’s often a difficult choice to select just one color scheme when you want to show them all.  It would mean working up several pictures, which means more time and personally I try to stay very realistic and don’t want this to consume all my time. Though I love putting the look and scene together and enjoy playing with various methods to create a mood, idea or an expression of my thoughts and feelings in the moment.  All within the context of showing the items entrusted in me to blog.

I’ve been playing with the last few pictures using textures and layering, something I had only tried a few times before.  I’m still learning, but I am enjoying the experience and the results so far.

*Aspasia Set Gacha – .aisling. @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival 
-Headdress Rare
-Chest Rare
-Belt Rare
-Arms Gold
-Earrings Gold
-Bracers Gold
Hair – booN – KGI848 
Panties – r2 A/D/E – Hika (Gold) {Slight touch up}

Forest Brushwood – 3D Trees
Texture 1 Credit: Background 6 by Sisterslaughter165 @ Deviant Art
Texture 2 Credit: Rain Texture1 by Koko-Stock @ Deviant Art

Standing watch

FP 010

I had an angel theme going there with my last three posts, which was a fun thing to do showcasing different kinds of angel outfits.

Today I’m showcasing a warrior theme outfit that is available at Fair Play by [EvelineInTheBox] called the Vioreta, which comes available in several colors. It includes the corset, pauldrons and skirt.

It’s a great outfit altogether though it does leave some under breast showing.  I tried a top using an applier except the color didn’t quite match so I had to search for an alternative.  I finally recalled this bra from the Shynila set by aisling to help detract and cover a bit of the flesh showing.

The hair I’m wearing is from eXxEsS, and comes in various colors.  I thought to go blonde today with this look and I must admit that of all the color choices being blonde is the one that I feel quite foreign in.  Strange I know, considering we are in a world of fantasy where we can literally be anything we wish.

The Victorian Valve Tower is covered in my other blog at Bits & Pieces of SL, but did want to point it out that it makes for a great role-play piece, so go check it out.

*Hair – eXxEsS – Vedma
*Vioreta Black – [EvelineInTheBox] @ Fair Play
{Corset, Pauldrons & Skirt}
Strap Female – May’s Soul {part of Emery Horns Pack}
Bra – .aisling. – Shynila Set {past gacha}
Black Arm Bracers – [Teri]otrope

*Victorian Valve Tower – DaD Design @ LTD: The Event {January 12th -26th}
Japanese Maple (Green) – [ Organica ]
Grass – Fanatik Architecture {past group gift}

Pose: Cici by [pose+ivity]