Throw me to the wolves, and I will return leading the pack

AGAVE – Solaris Dress – Maitreya @ The Liaison Collaborative
#1 DOUX – Summer Day Hairstyle [RARE] RARE @ The Epiphany
REIGN.- Laced Thigh High Gladiators (Maitreya) Black #2

JIAN Warrior Wolves 1. Dire Wolf Mount RARE @ The Epiphany
JIAN Warrior Wolves *EPP* Hunter’s Spear @ The Epiphany
JIAN Warrior Wolves 2. Dire Wolf Companion RARE @ The Epiphany

~*SR*~ African Savanna Tree V.01 mt 1
~*SR*~ Ancient Aralia Swamp Tree Spring m/t
HPMD* WildGrasses -khaki- a
HEART – Wild Grasses – Round dense – Aged

I just stood back and observed. I learned more that way.


Today I am featuring new hair by enVOGUE called Amelie, it’s fitted and rigged mesh.  It’s at the main store and is available in 96 colors, root & ombre colors that can be changed via HUD.

I’m also wearing most pieces of the newest gacha release by Promagic called Ira. It’s at Gacha Garden and available in 3 full color sets of black, silver and gold. I’m also featuring the pose that I am using, which is from K&S Poses and it’s #24 of the Katya series of poses.  You can find it and others at the main store.


*Hair: Amelie by enVOGUE
*Ira Gacha by PROMAGIC @ Gacha Garden 
*PROMAGIC* Ira -Crown-Gold
*PROMAGIC* Ira -Necklace-Gold
*PROMAGIC* Ira – BodyChains-Gold
*PROMAGIC* Ira – Pasties-Gold
*PROMAGIC* Ira – Thong-Gold
*PROMAGIC* Ira -Armbands-Gold
*PROMAGIC* Ira -Bracelets-Gold
*PROMAGIC* Ira – Wand-Gold

*Pose: Katya 24 by K&S Poses

Skirt: Druid Long Dress by Zenith

Steps Light Curving – Mesh by [TUFF]
Ancient Living Autumn Oak by Sweet Revolutions
Fairy Willow Tree M16-1 v1-3 P1G by Hayabusa Design
Skye Land Forms Sloped Hill by Studio Skye

By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes

Pricks 004

*Hair – eXxEsS – Laan
*Riona Harness (Silver) – Suicide Gurls @ Fair Play
*Riona Panties – Silver  – Suicide Gurls @ Fair Play
*Themis Gacha – ERSCH @ Fair Play
-2 Shield
-6 Arm Band
-9 Hair Circlet
-12 Armor
-16 Rare Scales
-17 Rare
*Tattoo – Things – Imnek
Akemi Armor Top Black – Luas
Akemi Armor Thong Black – Luas
Desert Days Skysphere & Trees – A.D.D. Andel!
African Savanna Grass – Sweet Revolutions

Pose: Barbarian Warrior by Magnifque Poses {no longer available}

I know where I’m going

“Women who wear black live colorful lives” ~ Neiman Marcus


I can’t remember the last time I wore a gown in Second Life outside of blogging a preview.  It felt kind of nice so I think a ballroom might be calling my name.

The gown is by [EvelineintheBox] and will be available soon at Totally Top Shelf along with the jewelry that I am wearing by [Muse].

The gas lamps were perfect for this scene and I love the way they are lighted up. They are from unKindness and can be found at the Tennenbaum Holiday Market.

Hair – D!va – “Nicole” Onyx
*Dress – [EvelineInTheBox] – Lynn (S) Black @ Totally Top Shelf  ***Coming Soon — Dec. 2nd***
*Jewelry – [MUSE] – Royale Perpetua Set Onyx @ Totally Top Shelf  ***Coming Soon — Dec. 2nd***
Wrap – Peqe – Erynil Rogue Coal Rare {past gacha}
Gloves – Blueberry – Devil Gloves-Dark Side {past gacha}

Enchanted Winter Forest Way – Sweet Revolutions
*Holiday Gas Lamps – unKindness @ Tennenbaum Holiday Market
Dirt Road {all seasons} – Happy Mood
*Grass1l {Winter} – Little Branch @ Lost & Found

Pose: Vogue by [pose+ivity]

The magic whispers of old trees and common horse sense

TTS 0052

The December round of Totally Top Shelf is right around the corner and I’ll be showing a few sneak peaks before it opens.  Starting with this crown and dress by Jinx.  The dress will be available in 7 colors and will come in 5 mesh dress sizes and unrigged mesh crown at a 50% discount for only $125 lindens.

Hair – Dela – Valerie
*Crown – Jinx – Kristollen Headdress @ Totally Top Shelf  ***Coming Soon — Dec. 2nd***
*Dress – Jinx – Kristollen Berry @ Totally Top Shelf ***Coming Soon — Dec. 2nd***

Garden Tree 06 – Happy Mood
Grass – Fanatik Architecture {past group gift}
Static Wild Horse Herd with Sounds – Sweet Revolutions
Standing Horse White, Walking Horse Light Brown & Walking Horse White – United InshCon

Pose: Kylie by Ty’d and True Poses


The devilish sea siren

Devilish Mermaid 011

Ever since I saw this hair as one of the gifts in the recently passed hair fair I thought that it would make a great hair for a mermaid picture.  Then time went by and the thought just sort of fell by the wayside.  That is until recently when I saw this oceania crown by Bite & Claw that is now available at Totally Top Shelf that thought came to the forefront again.  It comes with a friendly to use hud that gives you seven color options to choose from.

The mermaid tail is actually a 2013 item from Devious Mind, who created it for one of the earlier rounds of the Fantasy Gacha Carnival.  Two years later and it’s still very much appealing and quite an exceptional piece.  That it fit perfectly with my mesh body was a bonus.  There are star fish pasties that were a separate gacha and can be worn with the mermaid tail.  They too are well made, but left more skin exposed in that area than I normal like to show, so my alternative was this bra from .aisling, which is part of the Dangara set, that worked just as great too.

I was pretty pleased with the outcome and now makes me anticipate what new goodies are to be had at the new round of Fantasy Gacha Carnival that soon will be here.

*Oceania Crown – Bite & Claw @ Totally Top Shelf
Hair – Lala Moon – Valeria {just passed hair fair gift}
Ann Lily Crown [white] Rare – LODE
Ann Lily Duo [orange] – LODE
Face Tattoo – [Zibska] – Celia Carnivale07 {past Body Art Hunt}
Collar & Necklace {from the Feb. 2015 Fantasy Gacha Carnival} – .aisling – Dangara Colllar & Necklace Rare
Bra {from the Feb. 2015 Fantasy Gacha Carnival} – .aisling – Dangara Orange Bra & Veil
Lil Devil Wrist Chain, Hip Chain, Armbands {from the May 2015 Fantasy Gacha Carnival} – [Tia]
“Erielle” Fire Fish Mermaid – !dm/Devious Mind
Coral Tails {from the Koi Rare Set – !dm/Devious Mind
Lil’ Devil Pitchfork Rare {from the May 2015 Fantasy Gacha Carnival} – [Tia]

In-Sim Tunnel Reef – Tobias Novi
Big Leafs – Happy Mood
Lily Pads & Water Lilies – Arduenn Schwartzman
Wizarding Frogs & Toad Lily Pad – Beetle Bones {past event gift}
Nebel/Fog Blue & White – Sweet Revolutions
Bubblez Maker – AleyMart
Pose: Lib_Swimming w/ Dolly by Descent Dover {moved limbs with Animare}

If I got rid of my demons, I’d lose my angels

The title is a quote by Tennessee Williams…

Skully 003

I have never been a big fan of skulls, perhaps because I grew up associating it to darkness and death.   Though over the last few years I’ve seen it’s popularity in and out of Second Life, with the latter making me more comfortable as I’ve seen it’s many uses in fashion and decor.

Well Epia has recently released this wonderfully detailed skull helmet that I’m wearing that changes color of the face and eyes through a touch menu.  The chair that I’m sitting on is from [CIRCA] and is currently at this round of Genre as well as the black latex bodysuit I’m wearing by Sn@tch.

The rest of the items shown are from past events with all details listed below.

*Skull Half-Helmet – (epia) {Every Pixel is an Art}
Hair – eXxEsS – Dennica
Bodysuit – Sn@tch – Destruction Latex Suit @ Genre

*”Origins” Chaise Fan Chair Blue – [CIRCA] @ Genre
Nebel/Fog Blue – Sweet Revolutions
Old Mausoleum Rare, Black Table & Skull/Books Display {Gacha from May 2015 Fantasy Gacha Carnival} – BananaN
Requiem Medium Pillar Stand, Low Pillar Stand & Candelabra {Gacha from May 2015 Fantasy Gacha Carnival} – Ravenghost
Holy Crow & Satan Crow {Gacha from September 2014, The Secret Affair} – May’s Soul

*Review copy

She was wild and untamed, but protected her own

Things 001-1

It had just gone pass noon time when I began this post.  Here it is almost 3.5 hours later and I’m finally getting back to it.  My minds seems to be all over the board in thoughts and actions, so I will be lucky if I get anything else done today beyond this post.

So right to it before I get distracted again.  I am featuring this lower body tattoo by Things called the Ragnarok, which is currently available at The Secret Affair.  It comes with system layers and appliers for the Slink physique, Belleza body, Omega Applier/Maitreya and TMP in both fresh and faded intensity.   I’m wearing the Antiope skirt and top by !gO! that kind of gives me that wild and untamed feeling with its grunge look, which is also at TSA.  The shield and spear are by May’s Soul also at the event.  I did mod to change the color of the ribbon.

The raven skull necklace is one of my past Fantasy Gacha Carnival gacha buys from Ariskea and I’m wearing another awesome hair from the Hair Fair that was a gift from [KoKoLoReS].  I’m also wearing these lashes and face tattoo that were also a gift from another wonderful creator Zisbka, also at the Hair Fair.  It’s probably a little quieter at the Hair Fair now after its opening week and my first purchases, so it may be a great time to return to pick up some of that hair that’s on my to buy list.

Once I was dressed the wild sort of called me and so I decided to set up this simple scene of being out in the wilds of Africa somewhere with some of my favorite landscape items by Sweet Revolutions.  The eagle is actually a pose prop as a shoulder pet and available at TSA, but hey it looked better on the elephant.

Eyes – {Song} – Yuki – Gris
Eyelashes – Zisbka – Kell Lashes @ Hair Fair 2015 {Gift}
Eyelashes – Redgrave – 31 Extra Long
Face Tattoo – Zisbka – Joss @ Hair Fair 2015 {Gift}
Teeth – [PXL] – Open Mouth Addon v7.1.1
Hair – [KoKoLoReS] Hair Ash @ Hair Fair 2015 {Gift}
Top/Bottom – !gO! – Antiope @ The Secret Affair
Necklace – Ariskea – Raven Skull Necklace {past Feb 2015 Fantasy Gacha Carnival}
*Body Tattoo – .Things – Ragnarok @ The Secret Affair
Shield & Spear – May’s Soul – Minerva Set @ The Secret Affair

African Savanna Tree V.02 – Sweet Revolutions
African Savanna Tree V.01 – Sweet Revolutions
African Savanna Grass – Sweet Revolutions
African Elephant Mom & Baby – Sweet Revolutions
Roman Eagle Soldier Pet – [Black Bantam] @ The Secret Affair

Pose: Huntress by !bang

*Review copy

Saving the earth, going green

Green 001

On a whim I purchased this fantasy skin at the last Fifty Linden Friday.  I thought it was pretty and interesting. At least to go around in it for a day or so.  My sis said do you know you have a tree on your head.  I answered that it was good to know her eye sight wasn’t failing her yet.

Skin – Plastik – Astrali Skin /Aquarilus
Hair – Little Bones – Rude {Group Gift}
Eyes – Ikon – Eternal Eyes – Grass
Head Accessory – LODE – Golden Shower [Green] {June 2015 Arcade}
Chain – Arise – Nose Chain/Gold
Collar – .aisling – Handariel Collar Gold {March 2015 Secret Affair}
Dress – Belle Epoque – Edith Dress [Green Gold] {just passed 30L Mystery Gacha}
Bracelets – [sYs] – Khaleesi Bracelets @ The Fantasy Collective

Celtic-Forest Ruin – Sweet Revolutions {just passed 30L Mystery Gacha}
Elk Male – Just Animals

Pose: Sophie by {Pose Maniacs}

Falling waters to sooth my soul.

Red Savage 005

Hair – Little Bones – Feline {past group gift}
Khatel Headdress Rare & Chestpiece Rare {May 2015 FGC} – .aisling
Khatel Armbands & Bracelets Common {May 2015 FGC} – .aisling
Tyrant Skirt from Pitch Outfit – The Plastik
Drow Girl Bolero & Top Red {May 2015 FGC} – !gO!
Lilith Claw Ring – Avanti
Fabia Tattoo – .Things @ The Secret Affair @ The Secret Affair
Fehu Tattoo – .Things @ The Secret Affair @ The Secret Affair

Sanity Forgotten Ruin – Sweet Revolutions
Japanese Maple Trees – [Organica]
Grass {past group gift} – Fanatik Architecture

Pose: Silent Grace by Double Take