Always had a fondness for you, I did

“Life is for the alive, my dear.” – Mrs. Lovett (Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street)

Les Encantades 001

This month’s events are winding down, but there is still a few days left for you to visit the Jackpot Gacha Fair if you haven’t made it there.   The gacha items are only 30 lindens and from what I understand you get a chance at hitting a bonus on any play and instead of getting one item you may get four.  There is also a chance to be the lucky winner to get a chance at 50 free pulls on any of the gacha machines. It’s a great concept and makes for quite the incentive to keep pulling at your favorite machines.

Les Encantades is participating with the Mrs. Lovett set that consists of three rare corsets and nine commons made up of the skirts, sleeves and necklaces in shades of blue, green and lilac.  Plus one ultra rare, which is the bloody onyx color that I’m wearing.  I love the details on the corset and top and the frills just give it that extra oomph.

The event runs only until September 25th so go grab your own Mrs. Lovett and some other great gacha bargains.

Hair – Catwa – Aimee
*Corset, Sleeves, Skirt & Necklace – Les Encantades – Mrs. Lovett @ Jackpot Gacha

Storyteller’s Burrow Items – 8f8 @ The Arcade
{Double Bookcase Full, Lantern Cage, Old Armchair, Library Table, Study Lamp, Grandfather’s Clock, Old Rugs & Whiskey Set}
Fall Harvest – Lost Art – Pixel Mode @ The Arcade
Dahlia Jug, Melted Candle & Blanket Stool – Dust Bunny @ The Arcade

Pose: 19 2012 by Manifeste {no longer available}

Warrior of light

Aising 078

Mesh Head – Genesis Labs – Emily 2.0 Emotions Rare @ Kustom9
Hair – No.Match – No_Call @ On9
Outfit – .aisling – Arius Gacha Set @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
{Queen Crown Rare, Vest Rare, Collar/Bra Navy, Skirt Navy
Claws – Charm – Vera Claws & Rings @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival {Gift at Event}
Allegiance Blade Ivory/Gold – Empyrean Forge

Animation: Sword Behind Back – [WILD]

Landscape-BG1 stock texture by Xan-04 at Deviant Art

Quite emotional now

Mays Soul 073

I’m featuring the arm tattoo by Things named Miron, which is currently available at Illusion Point.  The Miron tattoo comes with appliers for the Slink Physique, TMP, Omega System (Maitreya/Belleza) in both fresh and faded intensity.  It’s also unisex.

I went a bit monochrome with this picture.. so would like to point out that the colors of the items worn are a considerably more vibrant than what is being shown. Though as you can see the pieces are exceptionally well made and anything from both May’s Soul and Luas are never disappointing.

Mesh Eyelids – Slink
Openmouth_Open_Addon_7.1 – [PXL]
Hair – Exile – Blown Away
Acanthea Gacha {Belt Golden & Top Golden} – Luas @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Acham Gacha {Belt Small, Crown Rare, Nosechain, Set Black (bra & thong), Staff Rare & Flute} – May’s Soul @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
*Miron Tattoo – Things @ Illusion Point

Autumn Forest Premade stock texture by Frozenstocks at Deviant Art

Witch of the Seas

Mermaid 056

Have you made it to Enchantment?  It’s got some amazing things this round with the Little Mermaid inspired theme.  Just the mention of the Little Mermaid brings back many wonderful memories of watching the movie when it was newly released with my nieces when they were small.  It’s a movie that you never tire of watching even today and lucky for me my nieces now fully grown still love watching animated movies with their aunt.

This round of Enchantment brings us many wonderful creations and I’m wearing the “Witch of the Seas” dress and head piece by Les Encantades.  The dress is so vibrant with rich dark colors of yellow, purple, blue and some green. The movement of the fins is a really nice touch to the dress.

Not only is Enchantment a shopping event it’s also a real interactive experience for us all.  There are live events and even a hunt happening during this round and I encourage you to visit the Enchantment website for more information.  I saw pictures of a recent cabaret show and unfortunately was not able to make it or any of the events so far. Though I look forward to participating in something before its all over.

Mesh Head – Genesis Labs – Julia 2.0 Relax
Hair – Argrace – Suzana
*Witch of the Seas Outfit – Les Encantades @ Enchantment

Enchanting Siren – [Lost Angels Industries]

Pose: Rilassato by Sage Poses

She was the designer of her own catastrophe

Sin 052

She is the designer of her own catastrophe

She is a master of words.
She uses them wisely.
She uses them haphazardly.
She uses them to plant seeds
to grow flowers of either beauty or poison
Or both, with equal feverishness.
She uses them quietly.
She uses them loudly.
She uses them build beautiful ideas
of either Paradise or Babylon
with no regard of passions but her own.
She uses them infrequently.
She uses them continuously.
She creates a symphony
of either joy or sorrow for the audience to feel
and she merely watches the catastrophe from afar,
And walks away.

Check out these wings! JianJam has created these ravaged bloody wings for the Festival of Sin II event that opened yesterday.  The wings come with an applier hud to use to apply the blood spot where the wings are connected to your skin. Currently only available for Maitreya and Belleza, and waiting for Slink support to give you that option as well.

The other item by JianJam currently available is the sanderson’s gloves at The Fantasy Collective.  Another fantastic item by Jian that is beautifully detailed with long pointy evil looking fingers.  The gloves comes with a hud to change the color texture on both gloves separately, which is a nice feature if you want to get a little creative with your outfit.

I want to point out that the mesh gown that I am wearing is a group gift for the Fantasy Collective, which is made by Valentina E. Couture.  If you’re not familiar with this designer, you should check it out, as it’s an excellent brand of women fashion on the grid.

I’m also wearing a necklace by another fabulous designer.  The Sarah La Seductrice necklace by Devious Mind is a jewelry piece that I picked up last year at a fantasy event.  I am only showing the back, but trust me it’s a wonderful accessory item as the strings of pearls cascade down the front and by the click of the menu you can change from wearing the full set or a short set of pearls.

Hair – eXxEsS – Mare
Dress – Valentina E – Aura Gown @ The Fantasy Collective {TFC Group Gift}
Necklace – !dM/Devious Mind – Sarah La Seductrice in Ruby
*Wings – JianJam – Ravaged Wings @ Festival of Sin II {August 22- September 15}
*Sanderson’s Gloves – JianJam @ The Fantasy Collective

Deco Curtain – ANE

Pose: 2012 Pose by Manifeste {Pose no longer available}

Poem found at @ Hello Poetry


Konbanwa, he said in greeting

Geisha 034

This round of Totally Top Shelf is closing tomorrow.  I thought to do one last post as there are so many great things this round in case you haven’t made it there. You still have time! The gown and crown that sits in the back are from ImmateriA. The Aiko is a rigged mesh gown that is available in several colors and comes in several sizes. The nicely detailed crown that sits to the back is a great addition.

Geisha 036

I’m wearing a yellow flower headpiece by LODE as well as the jewelry piece that comes with the hair.  This had me digging in my inventory for other accessories and I came across this umbrella that I had purchased a while back.  It has the most wonderful poses in it and worked perfectly for this outfit.

Mesh Head – Genesis Lab – Julia 2.0 Sad_Cappuccino
Eyes – {S0NG} – Yuki~Gris
Hair w/ Gold Head Jewelry – Tukinowaguma – Tokie + Yellow Jewelry
Head Accessory – LODE – Snapdragon [Yellow]
Glasses – Air Pisces {old gift}
*Dress – ImmateriaA – Aiko Gown & Crown @ Totally Top Shelf
Japanese Umbrella – [[RH]] Design House

Serene Sanctuary-Resting Shade – 8f8
Serene Sactuary-Koi House Rare – 8f8
Bamboo Trees – 3D Trees

The devilish sea siren

Devilish Mermaid 011

Ever since I saw this hair as one of the gifts in the recently passed hair fair I thought that it would make a great hair for a mermaid picture.  Then time went by and the thought just sort of fell by the wayside.  That is until recently when I saw this oceania crown by Bite & Claw that is now available at Totally Top Shelf that thought came to the forefront again.  It comes with a friendly to use hud that gives you seven color options to choose from.

The mermaid tail is actually a 2013 item from Devious Mind, who created it for one of the earlier rounds of the Fantasy Gacha Carnival.  Two years later and it’s still very much appealing and quite an exceptional piece.  That it fit perfectly with my mesh body was a bonus.  There are star fish pasties that were a separate gacha and can be worn with the mermaid tail.  They too are well made, but left more skin exposed in that area than I normal like to show, so my alternative was this bra from .aisling, which is part of the Dangara set, that worked just as great too.

I was pretty pleased with the outcome and now makes me anticipate what new goodies are to be had at the new round of Fantasy Gacha Carnival that soon will be here.

*Oceania Crown – Bite & Claw @ Totally Top Shelf
Hair – Lala Moon – Valeria {just passed hair fair gift}
Ann Lily Crown [white] Rare – LODE
Ann Lily Duo [orange] – LODE
Face Tattoo – [Zibska] – Celia Carnivale07 {past Body Art Hunt}
Collar & Necklace {from the Feb. 2015 Fantasy Gacha Carnival} – .aisling – Dangara Colllar & Necklace Rare
Bra {from the Feb. 2015 Fantasy Gacha Carnival} – .aisling – Dangara Orange Bra & Veil
Lil Devil Wrist Chain, Hip Chain, Armbands {from the May 2015 Fantasy Gacha Carnival} – [Tia]
“Erielle” Fire Fish Mermaid – !dm/Devious Mind
Coral Tails {from the Koi Rare Set – !dm/Devious Mind
Lil’ Devil Pitchfork Rare {from the May 2015 Fantasy Gacha Carnival} – [Tia]

In-Sim Tunnel Reef – Tobias Novi
Big Leafs – Happy Mood
Lily Pads & Water Lilies – Arduenn Schwartzman
Wizarding Frogs & Toad Lily Pad – Beetle Bones {past event gift}
Nebel/Fog Blue & White – Sweet Revolutions
Bubblez Maker – AleyMart
Pose: Lib_Swimming w/ Dolly by Descent Dover {moved limbs with Animare}