Each tear is a poet, a healer, a teacher. – Rune Lazuli


*Skin: Anke #Medium01 (Lelutka Applier) by Essences @ Kustom9
*Lip Makeup: Rival (Lelutka Applier) by Zibska @ Enchantment
*Wood Spirit Crown – Dark by [Nobles Creations] @ Enchantment
LeLutka – Applier Little Tears by Izzie’s
Hair: 69 (Black) by *barberyumyum*
Mesh Body: Lara V3.5 by Maitreya
Mesh Head: Simone Bento Head V2.4 by LeLutka
Eyes: Yuki~ Gris Eyes by {S0NG}


The great one of many names ~ Hathor

Una 013

Hair – Dura – *DG*64
Face Tattoo – +Nuuna+ – Lizi Gray
Face Tattoo – +Nuuna+ – Fen Gray
Eyes – {S0NG} – Anim~Silver

*Hathor Gacha Set – Una @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
-Collar 2 Silver
-Arms Silver
-Pads Silver –
-Kitty Mask Silver Rare

*Morgana Gacha Set – Una @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
-Dress White Blue

Pose: Nymph by Axix {Right arm lowered using Animare HUD}

Nature once again called me away from the city

“She is just some wild thing… that nature bears and humanity civilizes.”

Azoury 001

I had fun putting this look together using new items currently at role-play events and items in my inventory from previous events.

The first item that I want to mention is these Migan pants for men by Les Encantades currently at We ❤ Role-Play.  There are two texture versions that you can choose from and changing the texture is as easy as wearing the HUD and choosing your color choice.   I had to tuck in my hips and take off some body fat to be able to work into these.  That’s because they are made especially for men… though you know some of us women that sometimes like to wear the pants in the house… coughs. 

TTS 006

The other new items that I am featuring are the Runa Pumpkin eyes from {S0NG}.   These are just one out of sixteen colors to choose from.   I’m also wearing the Gaia crown by Azoury.  I think the close up picture above shows you the great texture and details of the crown.  The bone shard brace around my neck is from Proclivity and is rigged mesh.  I thought the bone color fit the crown perfectly to wear together.  All three of these items can be found at Totally Top Shelf that runs until October 23rd.

TTS 07

This last picture was sort of by accident.  I was trying to refresh my camera and hit the menu tab for the spear and as I refreshed it caught me mid swing in using the spear.  I thought it came out pretty good and shows the texture of the shield by PFC that I got at this past 25L Tuesday.

Hair – Soonsiki – Kaleidoscope {store now known as Besom}
*Runa~Pumpkin Eyes – {S0NG} @ Totally Top Shelf
*Gaia Crown – Azoury @ Totally Top Shelf
*Bone Shard Brace – ~Proclivity~ @ Totally Top Shelf
Raven Pauldrons – Pucca Firecaster’s Creations/PFC
Katia Fur Brown – May’s Soul
Homo Sapiens Bra – !gO! {past gacha}
Eldir-Brown Tattoo – Ghost’Ink Tattoo {past gacha}
Markus Bracers Rare – Luas {past gacha}
*Migan Pants Furs 1 – Les Encantades @ We ❤ Role-Play
Makeshift Spear – [SWaGGa]
Tu’Kwetu Shield – Pucca Firecaster’s Creations/PFC

Ancient Gothic Swamp Trees – Sweet Revolutions
Creeping Cinquefoil, Cattail & Reed – 3D Trees

Konbanwa, he said in greeting

Geisha 034

This round of Totally Top Shelf is closing tomorrow.  I thought to do one last post as there are so many great things this round in case you haven’t made it there. You still have time! The gown and crown that sits in the back are from ImmateriA. The Aiko is a rigged mesh gown that is available in several colors and comes in several sizes. The nicely detailed crown that sits to the back is a great addition.

Geisha 036

I’m wearing a yellow flower headpiece by LODE as well as the jewelry piece that comes with the hair.  This had me digging in my inventory for other accessories and I came across this umbrella that I had purchased a while back.  It has the most wonderful poses in it and worked perfectly for this outfit.

Mesh Head – Genesis Lab – Julia 2.0 Sad_Cappuccino
Eyes – {S0NG} – Yuki~Gris
Hair w/ Gold Head Jewelry – Tukinowaguma – Tokie + Yellow Jewelry
Head Accessory – LODE – Snapdragon [Yellow]
Glasses – Air Pisces {old gift}
*Dress – ImmateriaA – Aiko Gown & Crown @ Totally Top Shelf
Japanese Umbrella – [[RH]] Design House

Serene Sanctuary-Resting Shade – 8f8
Serene Sactuary-Koi House Rare – 8f8
Bamboo Trees – 3D Trees

Pausing for a moment to breath in the fresh air

LE 016

The Fantasy Collective is about half way through and if you have not made it there you’re really missing out.  On second thought you’re one of the smart ones, because mid way is probably the best time to get into an event.  You won’t be fighting the crowds and that terrible lag that accompanies those first few days when an event opens.  I’m wearing this beautiful dress from Les Enchantades call Ivy. As you can see from the picture the texture and design are exceptional and the dress is so rich in color.   There about 11 options for the dress and the one I’m wearing is called the Ivy Bloody Onyx.   For only $150 lindens a dress it’s practically a steal.

TTS 022

I am also showing a few more previews from the upcoming Totally Top Shelf Event.  The head piece is from Dirty Stories and you can see from the close up it is also exceptionally well made.  It will be available in black, silver and gold, which is the color I’m wearing.

The other item from Dirty Stories is the roses head piece that comes with a hud so that you can change the color of the rose and the bony fingers plus the diamond jewels as well.

Next is the floral diadem in gold by Distorted Dreams, which will also be offered in five additional colors.  The rest of my accessories… the gold iron necklace and the black bracelet are from Modern Couture.

You can find the remaining details of my look and scene in the credits listed below.

Eyes – {S0NG} – Yuki ~ Gris
Hair – Argrace – Suzuna
*Back to Hell Black – .DirtyStories. @ Totally Top Shelf
*Shadow Queen Head Roses – .DirtyRoses. @ Totally Top Shelf
*Floral Diadem Gold – Distorted Dreams @ Totally Top Shelf
Necklace – Modern.Couture – Iron Necklace Gold
Bracelet – Modern.Couture – Gaki Bracelet Black
*Dress – Les Enchantades – Ivy Bloody Onyx @ The Fantasy Collective {Until August 15}

Ash Trees – Jian
Shrub Large Green – [We’re CLOSED]
Grass – Fanatik {past group gift}
Black Horse Animated – <THAT>/Nilssen

Pose: Backside by [pose+ivity]

*Review copy


Ruin is a gift. Ruin is a road to transformation.

Alexa 0272

I was in the mood to put together another outfit with some of the items that I picked up at some of the ongoing fantasy events that will soon be coming to an end as the month ends. Unfortunately, this go around time just hasn’t permitted me to do anything beyond meeting my regular blogging commitments.  There wasn’t much really to put together for this outfit as .aisling gave you most of the essentials with the hierophant dress, collar and shoulder pieces as one purchase.   The staff also by the same creator could be purchased separately and all available at this round of We ❤ Role-Play.

I’m also wearing the rose colored ultra rare headdress from [MeshedUp] as it fit with the color of the dress and also used the gold collar and armlets that are common items in this set available now at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival.  The hand tattoo is from Things and is at this round of The Secret Affair.

Alexa 0274

The other headdress I’m wearing is from Tia and it is the ultra rare prize that I just got really lucky in getting.  I was actually playing the second machine from this creator from afar as I tend to do when it’s a popular event and I can’t really move around without lagging terribly.   I must have somehow moved my mouse to the other nearby machine without realizing it and I ended up getting this item.  When I saw the prize name contained voodoo I knew immediately that I was somehow playing the wrong machine.  Sometimes my luck comes in that way.

Skin – Lumae – Adore 6 Cinnamon Bare
Eyes – {S0NG} – Yuki Red Eye
Hair – Magika – Almonds
Headdress – Tia – Voodoo Ultra Rare Headdress @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
*Headdress – [MeshedUp] – Nephthys Rose Ultra Rare @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
*Collar – [MeshedUp]– Nephthys Collar Gold Common @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
*Armlets – [MeshedUp] – Nephthys Armlet Gold Common @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Nails & Ring – Meva – Fantasy Nails @ We ❤ Role-Play
Chain – [The Forge] – Esme Shoulder Chain Gold @ The Fantasy Collective
Dress w/ Collar & Shoulder Piece – .aisling. – The Hierophant Dress Red @ We ❤ Role-Play
*Tattoo – .Things. – Fabia @ The Secret Affair

Forest Ruins Tower – Botanical
Colored Bushes {yellow, green, light green, purple} – Happy Mood

Pose: War Face by Double Take