Honō was among the few lucky survivors of a tiny village that was hoarded by thieves and burned to the ground. She was found in a sad state with most of her face burnt. It was hard to survive in a time when women were not taken seriously, moreover, one with a deformity. This did not affect her character, if anything, she only remained kind and yet fierce when necessary. Justice was imprinted in her heart.

One day, whilst she was scavenging for herbs and various fruits she heard a voice.

“Honō…” the voice called her, “…come home.”

It continued. She followed it, feeling a strange comfort until she reached a clearing and met a beautiful magnificent nine tailed kitsune fox.

“This is your true calling.” the fox whispered, “You are the blaze in the hearts of all the abused, all the broken and all the hopeless.” She accepted this, taking on a different form.

Her name now haunts the lips of many fearful cold blooded abusers. “She appeared, in a mask adorned with flowers, beautiful, mysterious. She said if I didn’t treat the salves better she will set me on fire. Then disappeared…in flames…”

Written by Valarie – check out her amazing stories and pictures at her Flickr


Tentacio Spirit of the Past Mask @ Neo Japan

[monso] Choi Hair /Mix & Pop @ Neo Japan

::RMN:: Empress Lee Black/Red {Maitreya} @ Neo Japan

[Rezz Room] Kitsune Animesh (Companion) v2.0.0 @ Neo Japan

Pitaya – Pavilion paths – red lantern 01
Pitaya – Pavilion paths – Pavilion RARE
Pitaya – Pavilion paths – red lantern 03
Pitaya – Pavilion paths – red bridge

Happy Mood Shrub03 – a

(Fundati) Giant Oak Tree II

Shades of blue

*Eye Makeup: Batiste – Lelutka Applier by Zibska @ Shiny Shabby
*Hair: Naomi Bento by enVOGUE 
*Compatible Nails System (Slink Almond Base) by Astralia 
*Ginevra by Astralia @ Lootbox
Astralia – Ginevra (Bra) Sky Maitreya
Astralia – Ginevra (Corset) Sky Maitreya
Astralia – Ginevra (Panties) Sky Maitreya
Astralia – Ginevra (Garters) Sky Maitreya
Astralia – Ginevra (Mesh Hearts) Maitreya
Astralia – Ginevra Bento Wings RARE
*Ingrid Feet Decor (Maitreya) by Astralia for Bishbox {March}

You can’t weave together a spell you don’t believe in

Fantasy 009

*Amarillis Gown – Fantavatar & Moonstruck @ Fair Play   **New Round April 1st-27th**
Hair – Damselfly – Annalee @ The Fantasy Collective
Night of the Firefly – Cole’s Corner

*The Shaman’s Lab Table {MFH XV} – Folklorica ~MFGC
*Sunflower Rustic Fountain w/Ivy – Simply Shelby @ Perfect 1o Event at the Cookie Jar Home & Garden **April 1st-15th**
Garden Tree06 Brown – Happy Mood
Grass Field Green – [we’re CLOSED]

Pose: Blessing w/ Orbe Prop – Uncertain Smile