Just one of those days

[^.^Ayashi^.^] Amanda hair @ The Epiphany {main} or Mirror Sim

2. toksik – Forage Rifle RARE @ The Epiphany {main} or Mirror Sim
4. toksik – Forage Floppy Hat (Emerald) @ The Epiphany {main} or Mirror Sim
10. toksik – Forage Dress (Maitreya) (Emerald) @ The Epiphany {main} or Mirror Sim

[ kunst ] – Slim Cigarette

{pose maniacs} Heitor 6

[Abandoned] Old Shack Empty by [Schultz Bros]
[Schultz Bros] Brush Grass

Pixel Mode – Fall Harvest – Wagon Wheels {store closed}

Ferociously protective

Hello.  It’s been a while since I’ve posted here.  My home and garden blog keeps me pretty busy.  Though I felt inspired when I saw these dragons.  You could say I have a certain fond attachment to these fire-breathing animals as I dated a guy named Draco.

One of the meanings of the name is dragon and he like those fiery beasts has it deeply entrenched to be fierce.  If upset, watch out for his display of power and dominance as just like dragons he could spew a blaze of fire that burned you to a crisp {chuckles}.  Whether myth or not, one of the traits of dragons is to protect and he was like that too, ferociously protective.  It’s one of his most enduring qualities.

Details of everything worn and used is below.

[Rezz Room] Japanese Dragon Animesh Dark (Companion) @ Neo-Japan [Ends 4/19/20]
[Rezz Room] Japanese Dragon Animesh Light (Companion) @ Neo-Japan [Ends 4/19/20]

8. [Val’more] Akatchup – Jingasa B

[monso] My Hair – Ikki (m/ type A) @ Neo-Japan [Ends 4/19/20]

PENDULUM – NERIUM Silver {group gift}

toksik – Isolate Top (Maitreya) (Black) @ Neo-Japan [Ends 4/19/20]
toksik – Isolate Pants (Maitreya) (Black) @ Neo-Japan [Ends 4/19/20]

.: Vegas :. Tattoo Applier Koi and Dragon

[VOZ] Doom Katana (Fatpack) – L @ Neo-Japan [Ends 4/19/20]

(Fundati) The Super Grass II (larger)
(Fundati) Juniper Tree I

:Fanatik Architecture: ROCKS 2018 8

{pose maniacs} Heitor 6

Even the sky screams sometimes


*Hair: Sheryl Mesh Hair B by Wasabi Pills @ Rewind Event
*Taipa Necklace by .:EMO-tions:. @ We ❤ Role-Play
*Tattoo: Body Art 01 – Black, Brown, Gold Included by The Muses @ We ❤ Role-Play
*Filagree Net . Black/Gold . Fitmesh – (Experimental Lara) by The Muses @ We ❤ Role-Play
*Boots Ipheion Maitreya by Empire @ Fetish Fair

Pose: Rih by {pose maniacs}

…and the wind blows


I kind of played a little with textures with this picture as I continue to try and learn different techniques as the world of photo editing is a new hobby for me since I began SL photography.  It’s exciting to see the progress I’ve made even just going back a year.

Anyhow, it is fairly late so I am going to cut it short, though I really wanted to post it as I want to sleep in tomorrow and be completely lazy the rest of the day.


*Hair: Lesur by Tukinowaguma @ The Liaison Collaborative
*Tattoo: Maria by Aurica Store @ Cosmopolitan **Feb. 12th**
*Atisa Gacha by Zibska @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
-Atisa Headpiece Full Vs.
-Atisa Brow Full Vs.
-Atisa Collar Full Vs.
*Morgana – RARE Red Cloak by [Nobles Creations]The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
*TA Fionna Gacha by The Annex @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
-The Annex – Fionna – Top – Red – Maitreya
-The Annex – Fionna – Skirt – Red – Maitreya
*Obsidian Staff sheath by LR Weapons @ We ❤ Role-Play

*Baby Sloth Collection by JIAN @ FaMESHed
Enchanted Woods by Studio Skye
Waterfall Building Set by Studio Skye

Pose: Nitti by {pose maniacs}

Wild things


On him ~
*The Summoner Pauldrons – TMP by [Noble Creations] @ Totally Top Shelf
*The Summoner Skirt – TMP by [Noble Creations] @ Totally Top Shelf
Hair: Boys & Girls *09 by Dura
Mesh Head: Justin V4.11 by Catwa
Mesh Body: The Male Project by The Shops

On Her~
Mesh Head: Julia 2.0 Angry by Genises Lab
Mesh Body: The Mesh Project by The Shops
Hair: Honoka by pr!tty {past event gift}
Mila Tunic Emerlad by Luas

*Grey Wolf :: Static Look L by JIAN @ FaMESHed
*Oak Wood {Seasons} by Little Branch @ The Men’s Department
Wild Grasses by Studio Skye

Pose: Pose 82 by {pose maniacs} {modded}

If you want light to come into your life, you need to stand where it is shining

Una 0064

*Shazi Eye Makeup by Zibska @ Shiny Shabby
*Sing Lipbalm by Zibska @ Shiny Shabby
*Leaf Jewelry by Una @ Project Se7en {Coming Soon}
Hair: Kendra by enVOGUE @ Hairology {SLB13 Gift}
Satire Headpiece – Rare by [Haste] {past gacha}
Satire Gold by [Haste] {past gacha}
Princess Jasmine Skirt [Ivory] – Maitreya Rare by {Junbug} @ Jackpot Gacha

Wheat Field M1 v1-1-1 little Wild-G by Hayabusa Design

Pose: Sophie 5 by {pose maniacs}

The path of least resistance

Mishu 001

Today I’m showcasing some of the gacha items by Mushilu available now at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival.  Below in the credits I detail the commons and rares of the two sets that I am using.  The top I made a little smaller in height to catch more of the tattoo that I’m wearing.

The tattoo is a new one by Aurica Store, which is going to be available come May 15th at the upcoming Secret Affair.  If you want to take a peak at the full version of the tattoo front and back, see here.  Tattoo is made for Maitreya, TMP, Slink, Omega and classic avatars.

I took off my mesh head when I was working out one of the tattoos and decided to stick with my system head to take this photo as well.

Happy Friday!

*Garza Gacha Set by Mushilu @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
-Tiara & Collar Common
-Top & Pads Common
*Celta Gacha Set by Mushilu @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
-Crown Rare
-Belt 2 Brown Common
-Sword Common
*Tattoo: Oleira by Aurica Store @ The Secret Affair **Opens May 15th**
Hair Kera by Truth

Pose: Kaiden by {pose maniacs}



Aisling 019
*Meave Gacha Set by .aisling. @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
– Crown- RARE
– Collar- RARE
– Bra Common
– Belt Common
– Upper Arms Common
– Bracers Common
– Panties Common
– Lower Legs Common
– Upper Legs Common
*Silia Socks Tattoo by Aurica Store
*Silia Body Tatto by Aurica Store
*Liger Gacha by Jinx @ Fair Play
– Battle Liger “Kyo” – Rezzable
– Liger “Kyo” Reclining Rezzable – Ultra Rare

Mesh Head: Genesis_Head_Angie_2.0_Smile by Genesis Lab
Hair: 710 Hair by *barberyumyum* @ SaNaRa
Iron Throne by DRD @ We ❤ Role-Play
Rocks & Cliffs by Fanatik

Pose: Rih by {pose maniacs}

Mi mujer

FP 003

Just days away before a new round of Fair Play & Totally Top Shelf begins on the 1st & 2nd of February. Today I am featuring a couple of items to give you a preview of some of the great stuff you will be able to find.

The hair Camelia that I am wearing is by Sintiklia that will be available in several color tones.  I love the little trail of hair that falls off the shoulder ~ think it gives it a bit of a romantic touch.  It can be found at Fair Play.  The lovely pink dress with the draped sides is by [EvelineInTheBox] and will also be available in various colors. The dress will be at Totally Top Shelf.

*Hair – Sintiklia – Camelia @ Fair Play {Starts Feb. 1st-27th}
*Dress – [EvelineInTheBox] – Moreta Pink @ Totally Top Shelf {Starts Feb. 2nd}
Head Accessory – LODE – Peony Double Pink

Pose: Rih by {pose maniacs}

***Edited to change location of where dress could be found and edited text as well***