Caught between a strong mind and a fragile heart…

*Skin:  Sey & Mey Tone 02 Skin Applier – Lelutka Bento Mesh Head by *YS&YS* for Powder Pack
*Hair: Kendle (Mesh Only) by Calico @ We ❤ Role-Play
*Necklace & Earrings:  Caelia Set by Zibska @ We ❤ Role-Play
*Dress: Lavinia – Red – Maitreya by The Annex @ We ❤ Role-Play

*My Gear Stones by Mushilu @ We ❤ Role-Play
Spring Winds {Green} by Little Branch
Willow Tree by 3D Trees

Pose:  Free 01 by +O-turun+

You can never go wrong when you take a moment to yourself

“You think you know what you’re looking for until what you’re looking for finds you.” ~ Anon


*Hair: Romy Mesh Hair by Wasabi Pills – NEW @ Ultra Event
*Tattoo: Bileya Tattoo by Aurica Store – NEW @ The Secret Affair 
*Tattoo: Bileya Leg Tattoo by Aurica Store – NEW @ The Secret Affair 
*Fiora Outfit {all gacha} by Mushilu – NEW @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival

*Maple Wood.v2 {Seasons} by Little Branch – NEW @ Ultra Event
*Mystic Board Leaf.v1 {4 Seasons} by Little Branch – NEW @ The Liaison Collaborative
*Mystic BoardLeaf.v2 {4 Seasons} by Little Branch – NEW @ The Liaison Collaborative
*Raccoons Static (Left & Right) by JIAN – NEW @ FaMESHed
Wild Tree Branch by [WaM]
Shiny Meadow Autumn by *alirium*

Pose: Famed & Forgotten by Le Poppycock

Life is a circle. The end of one journey is the beginning of the next.


*Hair: Caramel by eXxEsS **New Release**
*Seraphine Headpiece & Collar by Zibska @ The Liaison Collaborative 
*Arm Jewelry: Vijaya- Maitreya -Silver by *PROMAGIC* @ anyBody
*Dress: Sophia – Maitreya Experimental w/ Silver Accessories by Una @ We ❤ Role-Play
Mesh Head Destiny V4.9 by Catwa
Skin: Katrin 06 by Atelier Pepe

*Ruins Set by Mushilu @ Labyrinth
African Savanna Grass by Sweet Revolutions

Butterfly kisses


*Butterfly Armor Gacha by Una @ The Labyrinth **Coming Soon Oct. 8th**
-Butterfly Noise 1
-Butterfly Collar Monarca Orange
-Butterfly Top
-Butterfly Fly Efect 1
-Butterfly Botton 2
*My Horns Gacha by Mushilu @ The Labyrinth **Coming Soon Oct. 8th**
-Horns Leafs Orange Blue
Hair: Anya by pr!tty @ Shiny Shabby

*Umbrella ThorLB_ns.v2 {4 Seasons} by Little Branch @ Cosmopolitan
Cherry Tree.V2 {4 Seasons}  by Little Branch

Rocking the boat

“Don’t be afraid to rock the boat. If someone falls out, then they weren’t meant to be in your boat.” ~ Found on Pintrest

Enchant 020

*Zsuzsa Dress by Zibska @ Enchantment
Hair: Mousse by eXxEsS

*Boat Leaf Decor by Mushilu @ Enchantment
{Includes boats, leafs and Streetlight}
*Fantasy Liana by [Noble Creations] @ Enchantment
Nightingale’s Tree by JIAN
Grass Field Green by [we’re CLOSED]
Rock Mossy by [we’re CLOSED]
Butterfly AV – by Challis Products
{Wore just pieces of this outfit}

The path of least resistance

Mishu 001

Today I’m showcasing some of the gacha items by Mushilu available now at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival.  Below in the credits I detail the commons and rares of the two sets that I am using.  The top I made a little smaller in height to catch more of the tattoo that I’m wearing.

The tattoo is a new one by Aurica Store, which is going to be available come May 15th at the upcoming Secret Affair.  If you want to take a peak at the full version of the tattoo front and back, see here.  Tattoo is made for Maitreya, TMP, Slink, Omega and classic avatars.

I took off my mesh head when I was working out one of the tattoos and decided to stick with my system head to take this photo as well.

Happy Friday!

*Garza Gacha Set by Mushilu @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
-Tiara & Collar Common
-Top & Pads Common
*Celta Gacha Set by Mushilu @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
-Crown Rare
-Belt 2 Brown Common
-Sword Common
*Tattoo: Oleira by Aurica Store @ The Secret Affair **Opens May 15th**
Hair Kera by Truth

Pose: Kaiden by {pose maniacs}


Kind heart fierce mind brave spirit

Mush 002

I’m somewhat in a fierce mood, actually I am more cranky than anything else. I woke up early this morning with a weird dream and then fell back to sleep to wake up with another weird dream.  I’ve always been a big dreamer and dreams have always spoken to me.  Though I go through cycles where I just don’t have any recollection of dreaming.

All that just to say I am just feeling all sorts of tired before the day even began. Some of it is attributed to having been sick.  I’m glad it didn’t last long for me, even though tiredness seems to be the lingering effect and the occasional nausea.  Now I have family members who are sick, except, they didn’t get the extreme vomiting or fever that I got in the first days.

Anyways, I’ll stop to bore you with my real life. 🙂  Let me share what I’m wearing. The Gathering, a fantasy themed event, just began today and I’m featuring gacha items from the Azteca collection by Mushilu.  There are three color variations of the set.  I’m wearing the most colorful one, but you really can’t go wrong with any that you get.

*Azteca Gacha – Mushilu @ The Gathering
{Crown Rare, Collar, Top & Belt & Belt Arms & Legs}
Hair – eXxEsS – Cafe

Pose: Bow Pose 5 w/ Props by Musa