Intoxicate me now

Modanna 025

I didn’t plan on doing two posts today.  You could say I had a moment of conscience when I started to post this adult theme picture under my other blog, which is more home and garden.  So I backed up and brought it here where this blog is more fantasy and role-play.

While I mostly do home and garden on my other blog, there is the occasion where I feature adult and child fashion.  However, yesterday I did a child post and it made me feel a little odd to go from such innocence to a whole other extreme of naughtiness.

Plus I didn’t need any additional help in putting me in a particular kind of mood, but if anything is going to put you in a sexy mood a choker meant for a little bondage play as a restraint is just the thing to do it.  Intoxicate me now! I think I’ll need a couple glasses of wine before the end of the day…  laughs.

The choker is by MoDANNA available at this round of Kinky Monthly. It comes in a few colors and comes in rigged or unrigged versions.   The hair I am wearing is a new release by enVOGUE called Rihanna.  It is out at the main store and lots of color choices for you to choose from.

*Hair – enVOGUE – Rihanna
*Choker – MoDANNA – [Ardeur Collection] – Spiked Choker Damask Black @ Kinky Monthly
Head – LeLutka – Simone
Black Blindfold – Silvery K
Dress – [Vale Koer] Skinclinging Dress Black @ Kustom9
Bracelets – .aislling. – Arius {past gacha}

Warrior of light

Aising 078

Mesh Head – Genesis Labs – Emily 2.0 Emotions Rare @ Kustom9
Hair – No.Match – No_Call @ On9
Outfit – .aisling – Arius Gacha Set @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
{Queen Crown Rare, Vest Rare, Collar/Bra Navy, Skirt Navy
Claws – Charm – Vera Claws & Rings @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival {Gift at Event}
Allegiance Blade Ivory/Gold – Empyrean Forge

Animation: Sword Behind Back – [WILD]

Landscape-BG1 stock texture by Xan-04 at Deviant Art

Ring my bell, ring my bells


Today I am showing another fabulous tattoo by Things, that is available at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival. The Vayiane tattoo is made for the Slink Physique, Belleza Body, Omega Applier/Maitreya, TMP Applier, Classic Layers in fresh and faded intensity. It’s a gacha item and all tattoos come in black, red or white.  It’s luck of the draw.

Besides the tattoos shown, there are a tremendous amount of other wonderful fantasy and role-play items like always at this event. You still have plenty of time to get in there and hit those gacha machines.  Even though I made it in with early access, many designers were not set up, so I plan to return.  Just waiting for the crowds to ease up a little before I venture in again.  I did get to hit a few machines with no particular want and here are some of those goodies I picked up, which are all noted down below in credits.

While I don’t see wearing a mesh head as a permanent thing right now for me, it is kind of fun to experiment a little with the reasonably priced mesh heads that Genesis Labs has made available at events like Kustom9 this month. I must admit it’s easier than I thought to work with them and there is some room to individualize your look with being able to use different makeup options available. Not quite enough for me to make a complete move just yet, but who knows what the unforeseeable future brings.

I played with another background stock image for this picture and giving appropriate credit to the creator of the background down below.  It’s a different way of doing things for me, though it’s another tool in the toolbox to learn and play with.

Hair – [Due] – Edita @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Mesh Head – Genesis Lab – 12. Emily 2.0 Relaxed_Cream 1 @ Kustom9
Claws – Charm – Vera Claws & Rings Set @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival {gift at event}
Getas – [Takeo] – Schichigatsu Geta/Vanilla Common @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Kimono – Naminoke – Miko Suzu Blue @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Pipe – ColorfulxChaos – Fireworks Kiseru-Sayobotan Red {past gacha}
*Tattoo – Things – Vayiane White @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Crystal Staff-Light – Candy Crunchers @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Pose:  Katana Poses by La Jolie Rose Creations @ Totally Top Shelf {modified hands using Animare Pose & Animation System}

*Review copy

Background stock image by Sophie-Y at Deviant Art

The enchanted forest gave light to the darkness

Time Warp 001

Doing a quick post today showing some more goodies from events happening around the grid. This fabulous head wear called the Aziza is by Azoury, one of the first stores I was introduced to when I entered Second Life.  In fact. I still have a lot of their shoes that are still a delight to wear even now. The Aziza is beautifully detailed and can be re-sized by menu and available at Totally Top Shelf, which runs until August 22nd.  The other item that I’m wearing that can be found at this event is the royal orb by >glYph<, a great accessory piece that includes pose.

Next, I’m wearing another fabulous gown, which is a collaboration between Faida and Encantades. This is a gacha item and can be found at The Gacha Garden until the 22nd of August as well. This is one of two rares in the set that includes the belt, but there are nine commons and 5 belts to be had not including the seed of inspiration one.

Check out all the details below.

Hair – Exile – Come What May @ We ❤ Role-Play
Mesh Head – Genesis Lab – 12. Emily 2.0 Relaxed_Cream 1  @ Kustom9
*Aziza Headwear – Azoury @ Totally Top Shelf
*The Accolade Onyx Gown & Belt – Faida & Les Encantades @ The Gacha Garden
Freyja’s Collar – Gold {past Fantasy Faire 2015 gacha item} – Junbug
*Royal Orb Red – >glYph< @ Totally Top Shelf

*Review copy

Enchanted Forest Premade stock texture by Frozenstocks at Deviant Art

Breaking away is a hard thing to do

Grey Warrior 054

I had a heck of a time taking this picture.  I used the keyboard buttons to zoom as I wanted my avatar to seem smaller against the backdrop of the rocks.  I got the angle to work when I realized that my hair, nail claws and the bracers were not fully rezzing to take the picture.  I zoomed in and out again and they would appear only to disappear and I checked to make sure all my setting were intact, which they were.  I am not sure what the problem was, but I finally managed to get everything to appear as it should to take the picture.

Just showing a couple of my finds from this first round of the Epiphany.   I picked up this lovely dress by Faida & Fallen Gods and used some accessories from some previous events to create my look.  My other gacha buy was this Halo from CerberusXing.

Mesh Head 034

I’m also wearing a mesh head from Genesis, which I picked up at Kustom9.  I haven’t really taken off just yet with the whole mesh heads, though I found the look on these interesting enough to grab two or three.

Mesh Head – Genesis Lab – Julia 2.0 Relax @ Kustom9
Hair – Vanity – Never Wanted U
Dress – Faida & Fallen Gods Inc. – Nuit Reveur, Silver @ The Epiphany
Necklace {past gacha from Feb. 2015 Fantasy Gacha Carnival} – Kibitz – Elia Necklace Steel
Bracers – Refined Wild – Lace & Metal Silver/White {tinted}
Nail Claws {past gacha from Feb. 2015 Fantasy Gacha Carnival} – Kibitz – Nila Claws Steel/White Rare
Halo – [CerberusXing] – Tsukiyomi’s Halo (Silver+B) @ The Epiphany

Steps Light Curving – [TUFF]
Rocks& Cliffs Wales – Fanatik Architecture

Pose: Beca by Aushka & Co.