Fiercely protective

TTS 0052

Showing some new things that are coming up soon.

The first is what I am wearing, which is an exclusive gacha set called Kanya from Jinx.  It will be available at the new round of Fair Play that begins on June 1st and runs through June 27th.  The pay per pull is $75 lindens and the common pieces are the crown, breastplate, pasties, gauntlets, pants, leg guards and spear. 􀀆 The rare is the colour change HUD for all commons. 8 shades of leather and 3 metal tones (gold/silver/rose gold). 􀀀 The ultra rare is a special version of the Kanya outfit with jewels, including the HUDs to colour change the leather, metal and the jewels.

The chest lace I am wearing is by .aisling, and it’s at the current round of We ❤ Role-Play that ends in a couple of days on May 31st. Grab that at discount before they get moved to the main store.

I’m wearing a new hairstyle by eXxEsS, called the Peche.  There are two color huds available with extensive colors on each.  The hair has a new feature and that is it comes with a slight breeze movement, which takes the hair to another whole level of of goodness.  That slight bit of breeze in movement gives it such a natural and realistic look.

Next is these two new tattoos by Aurica Store.  They’re both called the Elania and one is the top version and the other is the leg version. A wonderful bit of flower artistry to adorn yourself with.

Last item being featured today is the pose that I used in this picture by AaaHhh. The Lira set contains 6 different poses for you to use and will be available at Fair Play.

Enjoy your Sunday!

*Hair: Peche by eXxEsS
*Kanya Jewel Gacha by Jinx @ Fair Play
-Jewel Crown
-Chest Plate
-Jewel Pants
-Leg Guards
*Top Tattoo: Elania by Aurica Store @ Totally Top Shelf
*Legs Tattoo: Elania Legs by Aurica Store @ Totally Top Shelf
*Leona Chestlace – Style 1 by .aisling. @ We ❤ Role-Play

Thornview Wall Panel Sconce by Roawenwood @ We ❤ Role-Play {Event Gift}

*Pose: Lira by AaaHhh @ Fair Play



Aisling 019
*Meave Gacha Set by .aisling. @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
– Crown- RARE
– Collar- RARE
– Bra Common
– Belt Common
– Upper Arms Common
– Bracers Common
– Panties Common
– Lower Legs Common
– Upper Legs Common
*Silia Socks Tattoo by Aurica Store
*Silia Body Tatto by Aurica Store
*Liger Gacha by Jinx @ Fair Play
– Battle Liger “Kyo” – Rezzable
– Liger “Kyo” Reclining Rezzable – Ultra Rare

Mesh Head: Genesis_Head_Angie_2.0_Smile by Genesis Lab
Hair: 710 Hair by *barberyumyum* @ SaNaRa
Iron Throne by DRD @ We ❤ Role-Play
Rocks & Cliffs by Fanatik

Pose: Rih by {pose maniacs}

How strange and lovely it is to be anything at all

FP 001

Happy Saturday everyone.  I know that I’ve been short of words lately… and my apologies.  It’s one of those periods where my mind seems to be all over the place and stringing together a sentence can be a challenge some days.

Fair Play started yesterday with a new round and it really has some great items to style and adorn yourself in. The event runs from the 1st to the 27th of the month and if you like to look at the gallery before visiting, go check out the Fair Play website.

FP 002

Everything that I am wearing, including the skin is from this round.  I went all green with this look, though most of the items can be found in various colors at the event.

Happy shopping!

*Skin Chiyo “Plavalaguna” (C) Butterscotch – Stix @ Fair Play 
*Hair Rain {Pastels Pack} – Sintiklia @ Fair Play 
*Andune Wireframed Horns – Lilith’s Den @ Fair Play 
*Emerald Waves Necklace {Jewel Gacha} – Spyralle @ Fair Play 
*Theanella Dress w/ Headdress, Panties-Fresh Grass – Jinx @ Fair Play 

Pose: Do You Remember – Lalochezia {Fifty Linden Friday}

Under the willow tree

LB 020

Just doing a quick post.  I’ve fallen ill and until such time I feel better my time blogging may become a bit sporadic.

Hair – eXxEsS – Amande
*Headdress – Lilith’s Den – Crystal Headdress Red Emerald @ Fair Play
*Dress – Jinx – Talusea Dress/Spring Treat @ Fantasy Cream

*Weeping Willow V2 – Little Branch @ Shiny Shabby
Real Grass *Green Meadow* Yellow Poppy – KIDD Creation

Pose: 2012 Pose by Manifeste

Dances to the rhythm of her heart

“Baila..baila…move it….shake it”  and she did with an all consuming passion that resided in her inner being. 

FP 004

Red is the color of fire, passion, desire and love and carries with it an energetic force that can awaken and excite and intensify your emotions to a fiery pitch.  I love the richness of the color and it’s a color that I wear well in real life, so I have quite a few things in my wardrobe.  It reminds me of the time when I interviewed for my last job as the executive director of a midsize organization and I wore a red business suit.  I had made the short list and was competing for the position against five men and I needed a power boost and a little extra strength and courage as I would be speaking in front of a panel of people.  I felt pretty confident and I got the job, so it paid off.

It’s a hit and miss with the color on some clothes in Second Life.   I particularly like this shade in this outfit that I enjoyed putting it together using pieces of the Miakaj set by Jinx currently at Fair Play.  It wasn’t until I took down the scene and was processing the picture that I realized that I somehow removed the choker top. There are a few other pieces that I mixed in with the Miakaj set and are noted in the details below.

This sexy hairdo that I am wearing is called Celina and is made by eXxEsS.  It is at the main store and there are two extensive colors huds to choose from. Check out the other hairs in the store… they all have a unique style.

The last items being featured is this old world furniture by unKindness. They were at an event that is now over, which I was not able to blog the items during that period. They can be found now at the main store. The patio bench comes in a pg and an adult version with a variety of poses.

*Hair – eXxEsS – Celina
*Miakaj Ruby – Jinx @ Fair Play
– Circlet – Ruby
– Silk Bottom
– Ankle Cuffs
– Armbands
– Bracelets
– Foot Decorations {wearing Slink high feet}
Top, Silks & Panties – Footpaw Industries {part of the Aislin Set}
Fur Boa – Kaithleen’s 

*Old World Patio Bench – unKindness
*Cast Iron Hamsa, Lotus & Elephant – unKindness

Pose: Talena by Eternal Dream Poses

The path of sound credence is through the thick forest of skepticism

aisling 0112ps

I’m shaking as I write this post as it’s 40 degree weather and I can’t seem to get warm enough.  That’s on top of still feeling pretty wired from drinking a large cup of coffee last night, which is something I rarely do.

This was just a quick look I put together trying to utilize several items altogether. The first is the corset by .aisling. that is a new release at the main store.  It’s kind of nice to say that, as many times most new releases tend to be at events these days and stores sit empty.  The corset comes with a Hud to allow for mix and match of colors – there are 9 colors for the corset and belt with 3 metal colors and 6 lace colors.  It comes in standard sizing plus Slink hourglass and physique.

I’m wearing also another recent new release by [Noble Creations] available also at the mains store. There are three versions — dark and light brown and burgundy. That means you won’t be fighting the crowds or lag to get either of these items at the main store.

The last item that I am featuring is the latest tattoo by Things called Patsy Kills, available at the Fantasy Collective.  It’s comes in fresh and faded intensity, with TMP applier, and compatible for the Maitreya, Belleza and Slink with the Omega System.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

*Corset – .aisling. – Rann Corset
*Thief Leather Boots – [Noble Creations]
*Tattoo – Things – Patsy Kills @ The Fantasy Collective
Hair – Exile – Blown Away
Top – Una – Ashe Top
Bow – Jinx – Forest Ranger Bow – Back – add me as well
Pants – Flecha – Battle Amazonia Trousers Black {past gacha}
Tattoo – Ghost’Ink – Baka Brown {used bottom portion only}

Pose: Barbarian Warrior – Manifique Poses

You got to burn to shine

“Some women are lost in the fire. Some women are built from it.”

FP 002

I’m wearing a recently released hair by enVOGUE that can be found a their main store and is available in several colors.  It gives you a bit of a mysterious look as the right side covers part of your face. Great for keeping everyone guessing what you may really be thinking behind those eyes.  I’m having a chuckle at something I can’t disclose.  See what I mean?

I was asked to join the team of Fair Play and I’ve accepted the challenge so I’m looking forward to showing you some more fantasy photos inspired by the different themes that the fair has.  Plus I’ll be taking some photos of the sim design for each fair and sharing that as well.

If you’re not familiar with Fair Play, it is known as a different fair group that organizes permanent fantasy fairs with designs that are inspired by games.   The best part of it is that a percentage of the proceeds from the fairs go to two foundations: The Relay for Life of SL and Team Fox for Parkinson’s Research.

This round of “The Forgotten Game” has already started and will continue to the 27th of the month.  Today I bring you one of the designs by Jinx, which is a complete outfit called Gabriel Passion.  It comes in a few colors and it includes boots not worn made to fit Slink feet.

Website: Fair Play

Skin – Lumae – Jewel 6 Cinnamon {Group Gift}
Shape – Belissima – Body Eve
*Hair – enVOGUE – Gisselle
*Complete Outfit – Jinx – Gabriel Passion @ Fair Play

Pose: Male Standing by Terra Design

Fair Play Logo & Foundations

The magic whispers of old trees and common horse sense

TTS 0052

The December round of Totally Top Shelf is right around the corner and I’ll be showing a few sneak peaks before it opens.  Starting with this crown and dress by Jinx.  The dress will be available in 7 colors and will come in 5 mesh dress sizes and unrigged mesh crown at a 50% discount for only $125 lindens.

Hair – Dela – Valerie
*Crown – Jinx – Kristollen Headdress @ Totally Top Shelf  ***Coming Soon — Dec. 2nd***
*Dress – Jinx – Kristollen Berry @ Totally Top Shelf ***Coming Soon — Dec. 2nd***

Garden Tree 06 – Happy Mood
Grass – Fanatik Architecture {past group gift}
Static Wild Horse Herd with Sounds – Sweet Revolutions
Standing Horse White, Walking Horse Light Brown & Walking Horse White – United InshCon

Pose: Kylie by Ty’d and True Poses