The Tree of Life

“Family: like branches on a tree. We all grow in different directions, but our roots remain the same.”  taken from Pintrest

Fair Play 008

I had a passing in my extended family and today was the funeral and I got to see family that I had not seen in years and then some I had never met before… mostly children of second cousins.  Some faces you could place immediately and know they were the son or daughter of this person and others it just left you scratching your head trying to figure out which side of the family they came from.  It would have been impossible to speak to everyone and yet by some familial root we’re all connected in some way.

Today I am featuring just a few items.  The first is the beautifully crafted necklace by Bliensen+MaiTai, which is available at Genre that just opened.  The tree of life corset is by Distorted Dreams and is available in several colors and currently can be found at this round of Fair Play.

The last item is the grass in the background is by Little Branch and it’s available at the current round of LTD The Event.  Along with the grass you can also find a white cherry blossom tree.

Speaking of trees… isn’t it amazing how small I was able to make this tree in my hand?  The tree is by Happy Mood and it’s got some of the best landscaping stuff you can find on the grid.  I love that you can increase it to gigantic proportions or decrease in this case and it doesn’t change your prim count.

*Farfalla Necklace by Bliensen + MaiTai @ GENRE
*Tree of Life Corset Black by Distorted Dreams @ Fair Play
Sucre Hair by eXxEsS
[Stefani Collection] Leather Legging Black by MoDANNA 

*Wild Grass {Green} by Little Branch @ LTD The Event
Garden Tree 08 by Happy Mood
Garden Tree 07 by Happy Mood {in hand}

Male Model Pose 54 by Exposes 

You can’t weave together a spell you don’t believe in

Fantasy 009

*Amarillis Gown – Fantavatar & Moonstruck @ Fair Play   **New Round April 1st-27th**
Hair – Damselfly – Annalee @ The Fantasy Collective
Night of the Firefly – Cole’s Corner

*The Shaman’s Lab Table {MFH XV} – Folklorica ~MFGC
*Sunflower Rustic Fountain w/Ivy – Simply Shelby @ Perfect 1o Event at the Cookie Jar Home & Garden **April 1st-15th**
Garden Tree06 Brown – Happy Mood
Grass Field Green – [we’re CLOSED]

Pose: Blessing w/ Orbe Prop – Uncertain Smile

With true love the butterflies never go away

FP 045ps

*Hair – eXxEsS – Cassis
*Bunny Corset Big Pink – Una @ Hentai Fair {ends 3 March}
*Rainbow Butterfly Gacha – Le Coq D’or @ Fair Play – The Forgotten Game
– Head Accessory (Rainbow) Rare
– Hairpin (Pink)
– Necklace (Pink)
– Ring (Rainbow)
– Wings (Rainbow)

Colored Bush – Purple & Light Green – Happy Mood

Pose: Down & Out Set – Double Take


Nothing more liberating than just being who you are

“Be the good girl He loves. Be the bad girl He desires. Be the naughty girl He lusts. Be the lady He worships.”


Showcasing the exclusive lingerie by .aisling. that is currently at a 25% discount at Whimsical.  It’s made to fit the Slink Hourglass, Slink Classic and Maitreya Lara. There are 10 colors to choose from and each color includes variations – one plain and 4 patterns.  It has other options as well to change the color of the borders, ribbons and metal parts.

You can grab one, a few or the fatpack at a special price!

*Bra/Panties – .aisling. – Nina @ Whimsical
Hair – D!va – Amanda @ Collabor88
Legs Straps – {Vincue} & Kibitz – Mizu+Leg Garnet @ Hentai Fair

Vintage Treasures – Pillow w/Flowers – [zerkalo]
Devon Bed – Aria & The Loft
Mangrove – 3D Trees
Heron – TLC 
Grass  Patch – [TUFF]
Big Leaf – Happy Mood
Farnsworth – Fanatik Architecture

Sensual Woman 2 by DS’Elles

It is the nature of grace to fill the places that have been empty

MFGC 008

I was recently asked to join the Medieval Fantasy Grid Crier (MFGC) blogging group, so I am delighted to share my first of many posts with you.  If you’re not familiar with MFGC, it is a network group for Medieval & Fantasy Roleplayer and Lifestyler in Secondlife.  The group has been around since 2009 and has over 60 designers/creators who participate.

Today I am featuring this release by Folklorica, a gorean kirtle set, which is fitmesh fur with a scripted open collar and unscripted matching cuffs. It has a coordinated fur shawl and has system body alphas as well.  You can find it in a few colors.

The other item is not new, though what a great item that can be used for scenes as I am doing today, a role-play or just decor for a sim.   The broken walls and archer kit is by Lilith’s Den and found at their main store.

The dry wild grass that I used in the picture are from Little Branch.

*Kirtle of the Forkbeard’s Chain {Ruta} – Folklorica
Hair – [Entwined] – Rosa

*Broken Walls & Archer Kit – Lilith’s Den
*Wild Grass {Dry} – Little Branch
Rock in the Forest – Happy Mood

Pose: Sophie by {pose maniacs}

Everyday is a fresh start

LE 002

Hair – Calico – Febe
*Dress  – Les Encantades – A Mon Seul Desir Cream @ Enchantment

*Rustic Well – [Noble Creations] @ We ❤ Role-Play
Garden Tree 08 w/ Lights – yGreen – Happy Mood
Puffy Grass [Brown] – *alirium*
Itchy Grass [Brown] – *alirium*
Dandelion w. Parachute Ball –  Garden of Dreams

Pose: Stand_14 by Terra Design

I know where I’m going

“Women who wear black live colorful lives” ~ Neiman Marcus


I can’t remember the last time I wore a gown in Second Life outside of blogging a preview.  It felt kind of nice so I think a ballroom might be calling my name.

The gown is by [EvelineintheBox] and will be available soon at Totally Top Shelf along with the jewelry that I am wearing by [Muse].

The gas lamps were perfect for this scene and I love the way they are lighted up. They are from unKindness and can be found at the Tennenbaum Holiday Market.

Hair – D!va – “Nicole” Onyx
*Dress – [EvelineInTheBox] – Lynn (S) Black @ Totally Top Shelf  ***Coming Soon — Dec. 2nd***
*Jewelry – [MUSE] – Royale Perpetua Set Onyx @ Totally Top Shelf  ***Coming Soon — Dec. 2nd***
Wrap – Peqe – Erynil Rogue Coal Rare {past gacha}
Gloves – Blueberry – Devil Gloves-Dark Side {past gacha}

Enchanted Winter Forest Way – Sweet Revolutions
*Holiday Gas Lamps – unKindness @ Tennenbaum Holiday Market
Dirt Road {all seasons} – Happy Mood
*Grass1l {Winter} – Little Branch @ Lost & Found

Pose: Vogue by [pose+ivity]

The magic whispers of old trees and common horse sense

TTS 0052

The December round of Totally Top Shelf is right around the corner and I’ll be showing a few sneak peaks before it opens.  Starting with this crown and dress by Jinx.  The dress will be available in 7 colors and will come in 5 mesh dress sizes and unrigged mesh crown at a 50% discount for only $125 lindens.

Hair – Dela – Valerie
*Crown – Jinx – Kristollen Headdress @ Totally Top Shelf  ***Coming Soon — Dec. 2nd***
*Dress – Jinx – Kristollen Berry @ Totally Top Shelf ***Coming Soon — Dec. 2nd***

Garden Tree 06 – Happy Mood
Grass – Fanatik Architecture {past group gift}
Static Wild Horse Herd with Sounds – Sweet Revolutions
Standing Horse White, Walking Horse Light Brown & Walking Horse White – United InshCon

Pose: Kylie by Ty’d and True Poses


Oh deer

“As the deer pants for the streams of water, so my soul pants for you my God.” Psalm 42:1

LE 010

While not a very religious person in the outward appearance I do consider myself spiritual in the context that it is personal and private to me and this is a bible verse that I have always enjoyed.  It is what I thought of when I put out the deer for my scene.  It’s given me a little comfort as my spirit has been really heavy in the last days and I’m reminded that this too shall pass.

The dress I am wearing is by Les Encantades and is currently available at The Fantasy Collective. It comes in four mesh sizes and in several colors.  The hunter’s quiver is from Nobles Creations and is also at the same event.

Hair – Elikatira – Blind
*Dress – Les Encantades – Elva Aqua @ The Fantasy Collective
*Hunter’s Quiver – Nobles Creations @ The Fantasy Collective

Garden Tree 07/Green – Happy Mood
Grass Field Green 01-Random – [we’re CLOSED]
Shrub/Yellow Green – Happy Mood
Wire Grass/Green – Happy Mood
Deers – Just Animals

Pose: Day Dreamer – RACK Poses