Photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone


“When the erotic and tender are mixed in a woman they form a powerful bond.. a fixation” ~ Anais Nin

*Masters Chair White //FM Adult by Glamrus & (epia) @ Romp 
(Details on chair below credits)
Vintage Camera w/ Tripod by Apple Fall

Hair: Tonight by Magika
Criminal Police Outfit {Gacha} by Zenith @ The Epiphany
-Hat (Black)
-Jacket (Red)
-Shorts (Black) Rare
-Boots (Black) Rare
-Gloves (Black)
-S&M Whip (Black)
-Handcuffs (Black)

Chair has the following:
• 10 Poses – ADULT //Static
• 10 Poses – PG //Static
• 5 Female Singles //Animated
• 5 Male Singles //Animated
– Future Updates
• PG Poses Animated & More Added
• More Adult Poses Added
• More Animated Singles

Original Mesh Props;
• Paddle
• Riding Crop
– Future Updates
• More props TBA Later On

Available in;
• Female/Female – ADULT & PG
• Male/Female – ADULT & PG
– Future Updates;
• Male/Male – ADULT & PG
• Threesome Adult Poses