The holder of my heart has the key

Una Romp 023

*Elena Jewelry Silver Purple by Una @ The Secret Affair
{Includes Crown & Shoulders}
*Mauve Woven Corset Collar by ~Proclivity~ @ Romp
*Makeba {Style 3} by .aisling. @ We ❤ Role-Play
*Skin: RARE #11 [ArwenM01] by Essences @ Kustom9
Hair: Stella_Dark Brown by +elua+ @ The Epiphany
Ignis Bracelete by .aisling. 
Hanging In Flight Key & Wings by [Black Bantam] @ The Dressing Room {Modified}


Do you see me the way I see myself


New round of Uber opens today and Zibska has some new makeup options for you. I’m showing one of the eye and lip makeups out of three options for each.  The eye makeup packs include tattoo layers, Lelutka & Omega appliers and unisex TMP installers. The lips packs include tattoo layers, Lelutka, Catwa & Omega appliers and unisex TMP installers.  Lots of colors in each pack and a selection of lights and darks.

I’m also showing this new beautiful collar by .aisling. that also gives you quite a bit of selection in colors as well.  There are 10 metal colors and 14 gemstone colors to choose from for each section of stones.  The collar is available currently at The Fantasy Collective.

*Eye Makeup: Caia by Zibska @ Uber  
*Lip Makeup: Nava by Zibska @ Uber
*Nura Collar by .aisling. @ The Fantasy Collective
Hair: Kira Black by +elau+

Porthole Mirror by Apple Fall

Put on Your Warrior Spirit

FP 0023

Don’t let him sway you with his sultry rhymes
Don’t let him woo and steal your heart away
Don’t let him touch your soul with soulful lines
You know, my dear, he only wants to play

Don’t let him tell you that you are divine
Don’t let him make you think that you’re unique
Don’t let him say your eyes are pools sublime
You know, my dear, he wants to make you weak

He wants to break defenses and come in
To taste the hidden pleasures of your heart
He wants to take, to conquer, and to win
And leave the walls of love broken apart

There is no greater pain than wounded pride
When truth reveals betrayal’s sharpened knife
Revenge will be the thorn there in your side
For he has taken love, and dreams and life

So do not let him win in lover’s game
Pick up your sword and gird yourself to fight
If you succumb, you will not be the same
I urge you then to vanquish with your might

Then still your heart and let it dormant lie
Let not your eyes take in the beauty there
He will not stop; he will most surely try
To ravish you and leave you naked, bare

So fight, dear one; your heart is on the line
Don’t let your guard now slip; be strong and brave
Heed what I say and know you’re spirit’s fine
To win this fight, your soul and heart to save

“Put on Your Warrior Spirit” Poem by Eileen Manassian

*Madi Tattoo by .:AS:./Aurica Store @ Fair Play  **May 1st**
*Jewelry Gacha 07 Rare Sword by Nastasica @ Fair Play **May 1st**
*Mistical Warriors Pose by AaaHhh @ Fair Play **May 1st** {Modified w/ Animare Hud}

Hair: Oceana by +elua+
Chakra – 1 – Maitreya – Bodysuit – Rare by Moon Elixir @ The Epiphany
Chakra – 17 – Maitreya – Leg Warmers & High Socks – Charcoal by Moon Elixir @ The Epiphany

Grass Field Green by [we’re CLOSED]
Japanese Maple by [ Organica ]

Good things always take time to blossom

“But he who dares not grasp the thorn, should never crave the rose.”

FF 0062

The Rose

Have you ever loved a rose, and watched her slowly bloom;
and as her petals would unfold, you grew drunk on her perfume.

Have you ever seen her dance, her leaves all wet with dew;
and quivered with a new romance–the wind, he loved her too.

Have you ever longed for her, on nights that go on and on;
for now, her face is all a blur, like a memory kept too long.

Have you ever loved a rose, and bled against her thorns;
and swear each night to let her go, then love her more by dawn.

~Lang Leav

Hair: Kira by +elua+ 
Katrina Headpiece & Top Dark Roses by Luas @ Fantasy Faire 2016
{ Prue } Headpiece by Belle Epoque @ Fantasy Faire 2016
Rose Tattoo by Nanika

Hope floats

“The natural flights of the human mind are not from pleasure to pleasure, but from hope to hope.” ~ Samuel Johnson

Una 003

I would normally blog home and garden decor items under my other blog, Bits & Pieces of SL, where furniture, landscape and more mainstream items are the focus rather than fantasy related.  Though every once in a while I get to setting up a scene using items that I need to still blog, especially if they fit with whatever I am going to be blogging on the fantasy related blog.  I’m fortunate that the creators/designers who I blog for do not mind that I will feature their items across two blogs from time to time.

I see it as a win-win in any case and so it is that today I am featuring two items by Dysfunctional Designs that are currently at the Home & Garden Expo, which is an event that raises funds for Relay for Life of Second Life that ultimately goes to the American Cancer Society to help in its efforts to fight cancer.   The Moorside Dock, which is part of the ongoing release of the Moorside collection is one of the items that the creator has at the expo.  I previously blogged a bridge, another piece in the set, in my “Forecast for tonight: 99% moonshine” post.  The bridge is currently available at the We ❤ Role-Play event.  The other item that I am featuring is the hope lantern that can be set to a radius and once activated floats around in the air.

The last item that I am showing today is the long dress called Tyr by Una that is currently available at Enchantment.  The dress is available in six colors and comes with the necklace and the jacket that also comes with a color hud to give you a little more options.

Hope the rest of your Wednesday goes well!

*Tyr Pink – Una @ Enchantment
Hair – +elua+ – Noah

*Moorside Dock-Long – Dysfunctional Designs/[DDD] @ 8th Annual Home & Garden Expo
*Hope Lantern – Dysfunctional Designs/[DDD] @ 8th Annual Home & Garden Expo

Pose: Avoid Me Male by Del May

Selecting fresh produce.

Produce Shopping 001

Doing one last post as I will be leaving out of town today for the rest of the week and I wanted to show these crates of produce that Dysfunctional Designs has created for this round of We ❤ Role-Play.   There are six small crates that contain yellow squash, carrots, cabbage, apples, oranges and zucchini and make for perfect decor for a market stall or even your kitchen.

Here are the details of everything pictured.

Body – Maitreya – Lara V3.2
Skin – Lumae – Adore 5 Amber Bare
Hair – Elua – Shena Black
Eyelashes – Redgrave – 32 CandyDoll
Dress – Luminary – Meabh Gown @ We ❤ Role-Play 
Whimsical Arm & Leg Bracers & Ring Set {Feb. 2015 FGC} – [Haste]
Silver Sandals – [MeshedUp]
Onion & Spring Onion {part of Marti Bag} – Vooner Voom

*All-New Produce Crates – [DDD]/Dysfunctional Designs @ We ❤ Role-Play 
Produce Crate – Eggplants – [DDD]/Dysfunctional Designs Gift @ We ❤ Role-Play
Harvest Buckets – Squash – [DDD]/Dysfunctional Designs
Mossy Double Oak w/ Ivy – 3D Trees
Wagon Wheel Planter – [DDD]/Dysfunctional Designs
Cobblestone Floor – Stormwood
Ivy Branches {taken from another item and used}
Medieval Market Stall – Domineaux
Sweet Garden Grass 07 – Happy Mood
Watermelons Stack – Bite & Claw {part of market stall set}
Stalls & Wall – Built myself.

Pose: Nitti 1 by {Pose Maniacs}