Be the silent watcher of your thoughts and behavior.

Morning! I am showing some awesome stuff from DRD, unKindness and The Forge at the Thereafter Event.  Get the details below.

I’m also wearing a new hairstyle by Vanity Hair at this new round of Tres Chic.

*Hair: Foot Loose – Must Haves by Vanity Hair @ Tres Chic
*Reinforced Pychotic, Chest Guard by [The Forge] @ Thereafter Event
Face & Body Dirt by Izzie’s
Wasteland Leggings – Maitreya – Camo by DRD
Wasteland Backpack – HERS – Grass by DRD
ContrAXE Sheath. by [EZ]
Combat Boots by {FC}/Firelight CreationsAround The Grid in 80 Days Hunt

*Dystopia Set by unKindness @ Thereafter Event
uK – Dystopia Commercial Build 8
uK – Dystopia Ivy Lg
uK – Dystopia Commercial Build 6
uK – Dystopia Ivy Sloped

*Shelter Set by DRD @ Thereafter Event
DRD – PA – Sewer Shelter – Sewer – Adult Set
DRD – PA – Sewer Shelter – Bed – Adult
DRD – PA – Sewer Shelter – Couch – Adult
DRD – PA – Sewer Shelter – Trash Grill
DRD – PA – Sewer Shelter – Canvas Seat
DRD – PA – Sewer Shelter – Table
DRD – PA – Sewer Shelter – Bucket Seat

Traveller by Hogs & Cart Wheels – Around The Grid in 80 Days Hunt

Pose: Vanilajoy M by Bauhaus Movement

The heart of a warrior

*Wasteland Helmet – Metal Mohawk by DRD

*Anya Warrior by The Forge @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
[The Forge] Anya Pauldrons RARE
[LFC] Anya Warrior Shrug Maitreya Black
[LFC] Anya Warrior Bodice Maitreya Black
[The Forge] Anya Boots, Black
[The Forge] Anya Sword, RARE

Hair: Thea by Elikatira

*Old Oak Tree {4 Seasons}*Animated by Little Branch @ Enchantment 
Assortment of Wild Grasses by Heart Gardens
Shrub Large Bare by [we’re CLOSED]
Rock 2014 by Happy Mood

Background texture used from

Always strong, but sometimes exhausted

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted here and while some of you follow both my blogs, not everyone does. I wrote briefly of my absence, which was the passing of a close family member. Since being back I’ve been in catch up mode on my other blog — where I have the majority of my sponsors and while most allow me to use both blogs I do like to keep my home and garden decor and mainstream fashion on its own.

Today I’m featuring DRD and all the items are from either just passed or previous releases.  Though I still wanted to showcase them, but instead of events you will have to find them at their main store.  Their store is awesome as is their items, so go check them out!

*Hair: Kayla by Iconic *Mainstore Release* 
*Wasteland Collection by DRD 
DRD – Wasteland Torn Tee – Maitreya – Black
DRD – Dirty Combats – Maitreya – Boots – Colors
DRD – Wasteland Baggies – Maitreya – Black
DRD- Bone Injector Set 
{ Forearms, Upperarms and Back Pieces}

*Wasteland Weapon – Spear from Wasteland Gear Set by DRD
*Wasteland Backpack by DRD

Face & Body Dirt by Izzie’s

Raccoon Static by JIAN

Urban Studiop Photo Props by Industry 7
_i7_urban studio_post Apocalyptic Set Rare
_i7_urban studio_trashcan prop
_i7_urban studio_firepit prop

Shrub Large Bare by [we’re CLOSED]

Pose: Throwaway Thoughts {from Comfort Zone Set} by Le Poppycock @ Collabor88 {slight adjusting to left arm}


Aisling 019
*Meave Gacha Set by .aisling. @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
– Crown- RARE
– Collar- RARE
– Bra Common
– Belt Common
– Upper Arms Common
– Bracers Common
– Panties Common
– Lower Legs Common
– Upper Legs Common
*Silia Socks Tattoo by Aurica Store
*Silia Body Tatto by Aurica Store
*Liger Gacha by Jinx @ Fair Play
– Battle Liger “Kyo” – Rezzable
– Liger “Kyo” Reclining Rezzable – Ultra Rare

Mesh Head: Genesis_Head_Angie_2.0_Smile by Genesis Lab
Hair: 710 Hair by *barberyumyum* @ SaNaRa
Iron Throne by DRD @ We ❤ Role-Play
Rocks & Cliffs by Fanatik

Pose: Rih by {pose maniacs}

Double edge sword

“Like a sword, a few simple words can wound and cut you deeply.” 

Close up 06323

This past week I had words with someone that I care about that resulted in an ending of not only a friendship, though for me the loss signified a lot more.  The words exchanged were cutting and on my end I was wounded deeply.  That’s why they say words are like a double edge sword…when something has favorable and unfavorable consequences.  In one aspect words can be a freedom of expression and yet the words can be so cutting and damaging they cause harm.

I don’t know if the relationship is repairable and I wasn’t really given a choice in the matter.  It’s one of those situations where you just have to let go and trust that if the relationship was real and worth it then it will mend and be strong again.  I can’t erase the past only acknowledge my part in the events and learn from them and just move forward with a greater understanding of choosing my words and actions wisely in the future.

My advice is guard your words with people that you care about, be it second life or real life.
Una 057

The collar that I am wearing is from Una and is currently available at Shiny Shabby. The swords wall decor is by Nobles Creations that was recently released this past week for 25L Tuesday and is now available at full price at the store.  It pays to take a look at those weekly lists.

*Elisa Collar – Una @ Shiny Shabby
Eunice Headdress Rare Silver – .aisling.
Hair – Truth – Louisa {Subscriber Gift}
Melancholy Armor Metal Set – DRD
Ambar Nipple Pasties Silver – Luas
Arius Skirt – .aisling.
The Unexpected Wife – Sword –  .aisling.
Nila Claws – Steel/White Rare – Kibitz

*Simple Swords Wall – Nobles Creations

Lets go my smiley little friends

Goat 0191

Illusion Point is coming up on it’s last week before this round is over, so you still have time to go visit.  I’m wearing the Chiara olive dress by Les Encantades, which is one of six colors that you can find of this dress at the event.  As you can see it lends itself to being very sexy with the plunging front and it’s backless back that drapes at the bottom to show a little hip on each side.  Anouk Haiku, the creator behind Les Encantades, has been putting out some delightful dresses lately and I can’t wait to show you more of her wonderful designs in upcoming posts.

The goats in the top picture are from Jian and are available right now at the We ❤ Role-Play.   Chester the goat comes  in an animated and static version, with the animated version having a baaaah sound when he opens his mouth, which is quite often.  If you touch the goats it brings up the menu that allows you to change the texture of the goat, you get about 7 color choices.  I’ve never seen goats quite like this, but I can’t say that I’ve seen many in my life time.  I think they were smiling at me quite a bit. Chuckles.

Goat 021

The eye makeup that I am wearing is from Lovely Disarray and is part of the Forgotten Nobility set, which is unisex.  The set includes options for both eye and lips and can be found at Totally Top Shelf.  The headdress that I am wearing is from DRD and unfortunately I was not able to blog it yesterday, when it was on sale for the one day discount for The Saturday Sale.   It’s still an amazing piece that can be purchased at the main store.

The ring that I’m wearing is another item at Totally Top Shelf and is unisex.  It comes with a HUD giving you a choice of 25 colors to choose from, which is makes it a great bargain.  The animated snake staff is from [SWaGGa] and is part of their royal staff gacha collection.

Hair – Besom – Zim
Headdress – DRD – Amazon Headdress
*Eye Makeup – Lovely Disarray – Forgotten Nobility Eye Makeup @ Totally Top Shelf
*Dress – Les Encantades – Chiara Olive @ Illusion Point
*Staff – [SWaGGa] – Royal Cane/Staff Snake @ Totally Top Shelf
*Ring – Plastik – The Knight Ring @ Totally Top Shelf

Dwarf Forest [Old Gold] – *alirium*
*Chester the Goat (animated & static version) – Jian @ We ❤ Role-Play
Grass – Fanatik {past group gift}

Pose: Artemis by RACK Poses {past Tales of Fantasy gacha}