Drune: Crossroads

Sim description: Drune: Crossroads is a sci-fi sim in Second Life with a cyberpunk feel, inspired by films like Blade Runner, The Fifth Element, Neuromancer, and Altered Carbon. Several versions of Drune have existed before, including a few from different fictional time periods. Crossroads is a culmination of Drunes past; or Drune’s Greatest Hits, in a sense.

Go check it out — warning, it is an adult rated sim.

Hair: tram J0630 hair


Lipstick: TOP1SALON – HD VIVI LIPSTICK (Lelutka Evolution) P2

Scar: THIS IS WRONG Just my cat makeup BoM

[The Forge] Drina Bodice, Black. Maitreya. @ UBER

BLAXIUM -Circuit Body Shine-

:::SOLE::: SA – Proof E-insert (Black)(Head)
:::SOLE::: SA – Proof E-insert (Black)(Eye)
:::SOLE::: SA – Proof E-insert (Black)(CHIN)
:::SOLE::: SA – Headset VOSTARS (Black) (1P)
:::SOLE::: SA – Headset VHA (Black) (L)
:::SOLE::: SA – Headset VHA (Black) (R)
:::SOLE::: AAE Mk2 (Black) (L)
:::SOLE::: SA – throat mic Choker (S-Black) (Nk) Small
:::SOLE::: SA – Pivot (Black)
:::SOLE::: SA – Wire GNW-01 (Black)
:::SOLE::: SA – Armtech Mk.4 (Steel Black)(R)
:::SOLE::: SA – Armtech Mk.5 (Black) (L)
:::SOLE::: STD-P LArm (Camo) (L)
:::SOLE::: STD-P LArm (Camo) (R)
:::SOLE::: STD-P Crotch (Black)

.{PSYCHO:Byts}. Feel the Connection – Back Implant

UNA. Arm L (Shoulder Maitreya) Black
UNA.Arm R (Shoulder Maitreya) Black
UNA. Arm L (NO Shoulder) Black
UNA. Arm R (NO Shoulder) Black

SAC SR-25 APR v.2.01 FULL {weapon}

Locations: Drune: Crossroads 

When you’re forced to stand alone, you realize what you have in you

NC 0472

I want to introduce you to another store that I wasn’t familiar with until recently and now have the privilege of blogging for. Nobles Creations is a high quality and low impact meshes store that creates 100% original mesh items.  They have already produced some awesome medieval and fantasy furniture, home decor and role-play accessories for both men and women.

I’m wearing one of their newest creations, the Queen’s jewel that is available at the soon to open new round of The Fantasy Collective.  It is available in both gold and platinum.  The next two items.. the roses chest piece and the shoulder pauldron that I am featuring are previously released items and are available at the store.  As you can see well detailed and a great touch of elegance to a role-play outfit.

Looking forward to showing you more from this creator in the near future.

Skin – Lumae – Adore:5 Amber Nightshade
Hair – en Vogue – Patricia @ My Attic
*Queen’s Jewel (Gold) – Noble Creations @ The Fantasy Collective***Opens @ Noon SLT***
*Roses Blow – Nobles Creations
*Venere Pauldron – Nobles Creations
Olwen Dress – Peqe 
Royal Cane/Staff Falcon – [SWaGGa]
Flora Princess Tiara C03 – Velvet Whip

Pose: Coy2Coy by Marukin