The army brat

Army Brat 002

Hat – Deco – Fatigue Cap Black
Hair – Deco – Mesh Her Pigtails Coal
Mask – Obscure/[Body Factory] – Tactical Mask Green
Jacket – Deco – Mesh Peacemaker Duster (militant)
Mesh Survivalist Rifle – Deco
Ar-9 “Valkyrie” Assault Rifle – RoE

*War Table – Jian @ Genre
Renegade Army Hideout Entrance, Straight – [noctis] @ Genre
Renegade Army Props – [noctis] @ Genre
Olive & Camo Duffle Bags – BluePrintz @ Genre
Travel Map – David Heather {past Seasons Story gacha}
Open Road Collection-Paper Map {March 2015 Arcade} – Consignment
Rocks – 3D Trees {modified and retextured}
Shed/Unfinished RARE{past gacha}- Oyasumi

Pose: Rih6 by {pose maniacs} {modified slightly}

*Review copy

Her piercing eyes were as sharp as her spear.

Indian 012

A couple of weeks ago my SL sister invited me over to her house to have pixel cake.  I was dressed in some fantasy outfit, at which she remarked if I was trying to get in touch with my male side.  I laughed naturally, because I’m rather pleased to be a woman and enjoy every facet that it entails.  I’m just having fun and this offers a little more of a challenge in the dressing up department.

This Nomad set has been made for men and is one of the outfits that can be found at The Arena. I kind of want to crack a joke about wearing the pants in the house, except I’m wearing a kilt.

Hair – EMO-tions – White Feather Black
Nomad Collar, Kilt, Leg Protectors – !gO! @ The Arena SL Male Event
Face Tattoo – Sweety Mizser – Lucas Ware Paint
Face Tattoo – Chary – Raven Makeups {Store Closed}
Spear – [SWaGGa] – Makeshift Speak @

Ancient Aralia Swamp Tree – Sweet Revolutions
Standing Horse Black – United InshCon
Marsh Plant – 3D Trees

Pose: PredisPOSED by KaraLee Aeon @ The Arena SL Male Event