*Serenity Feathers Headdress – Brown by [Noble Creations] @ Cosmopolitan
*Mia in Beige by Enfant Terrible @ We ❤ Role-Play 
-Mia HarnessSkirt Maitreya Beige
-Mia Bodysuit Addon Maitreya Beige
*Feline claws (Maitreya Bento) by Astralia  @ for BishBox
*Shoes: Impatiens – Maitreya by Empire  @ Mainstore
*Thrax’s Gladius V2, Bronze. (Sword) by The Forge {Retextured Release}
Hair: Asuka by Truth

*Sacred Tomb – Light – Green Leaves by by [Noble Creations] @ The Old Fair 

Pose: Formal Vol 1-1 (slim gown) by Foxcity

Gazing into the abyss


“And when you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.” ~ Friedrich Nietzsche.


*Jewelry – Xenga Headpiece Black by Modern Couture @ The Liaison Collaborative
*Jewelry – Xenga Collar Black by Modern Couture @ The Liaison Collaborative
*Pixie Dust Deux by Zibska @ We ❤ Role-Play
{Understkirt & Skirt}
Hair: Ethereal . Dips by .Shi

*Pose: The Yala Series by an lar [poses] – NEW @ A Winter Solstice in the Mystic Realms


You don’t have to throw me to the wolves…they come whenever I call


Happy Sunday everyone!  I’m yawning like crazy right now even though it’s just went past noon half hour ago. I’ve had only few hours of sleep and woke up early to have breakfast with family.  While I would love to just crawl back in bed and sleep a few more hours I am going to try and stay awake so that I can get my sleep pattern back in order.


Today I am showing this fabulous dress by Una that is available at Tres Chic.  It’s a corset dress that can be used with or without skirt.  It’s available in six colors and made to fit Ebody, Slink, Slink Hourglass, Isis, Venus, Freya and Maitreya Experimental.


I’m also wearing the Patjhad anklet in silver by Promagic, which is available at The Seasons Story.  It’s a gacha set available in three metal colors.  I had hoped to show all the pieces, but I was having some difficulty with taking photos using zoom.  The anklets were the only piece that didn’t lose its shape when I used this feature. Hopefully, I will figure this out soon!

*Dulcineia Corset Skirt Transp Maitreya Experimental by Una @ Tres Chic
 *Patjhad Anklets – Silver {Gacha} by *PROMAGIC* @ The Seasons Story
Hair: Flickering Light by Exile @ Collabor88

*Pose: Fiona 2 by Vanity Poses @ Geeks & Nerds 

Snow Wolf Howling & Snarling by Levi’s Dark Creations
Skye Snowdrift by Studio Skye
Snowy Meadow Blur Thicket Short by KIDD Creation
Giant Nordic PIne-LP-Snowy-1 – V2 by Heart Garden Center

Siente Mi Amor


The new round of the Secret Affair opens today and I’m featuring some new tattoos by Aurica Store.  The Vilaniere tattoo comes in two versions, to be sold separately and both come in black and white.  They are made to fit Slink, TMP, Maitreya, Omega and the classic avatar.

Today I am also featuring these earrings and head jewel by Baubles! by Phe, currently at On9. I am wearing the gold version, but they can be found in silver as well. They come with a color hud to change the stone.

The nails I’m wearing are by Alme, also available at On9.  There is a oriental dark and light set available and each come with five different color tones.  I’m wearing the black from the dark set.  I especially like the jewel design on the nails. It supports the Maitreya, Belleza, Slink and also Omega Advanced.  Visit the On9 website for details on the event.

Enjoy the rest of your Friday!

*Vilaniere Tattoo by Aurica Store @ The Secret Affair
*Vilaniere Legs Tattoo by Aurica Store  @ The Secret Affair
*Pari Earrings & Head Jewels (Gold) by Baubles! by Phe @ On9
*Nails: Oriental Dark by Alme @ On9
Hair: Zelda by Pr!tty by Karla Marama
Rosae Top & Skirt Black by Luas

Pond Style Dragonfly Emitter by Botanical
Great mossy Rock of Dingo by [we’re CLOSED]
Wild Flowers by [we’re CLOSED]

Pose: Kuruwa- Armrest by [[RH]] Design House  (Armrest was hidden}

The great escape


Lately I find the time involved from taking the picture to processing it to the completion of getting it posted like a little escape for me. I get lost in my own little world when I’m in the throes of it.

While I love music and revel in the sounds and the soothing it can sometimes provide to my restless wandering mind and spirit I find myself quite often with the volume on mute.  There is something peaceful and tranquil being in complete silence.  Maybe I hear my thoughts more clearly without the constant chatter in the background.  It’s a little like meditation perhaps.

In any case I enjoy these moments of relaxation.

Today I am showing some awesome pieces from Zibska.  Her work is awesome and you should go check her store out if you’re not familiar with it. I love that she allows you to be as creative as your imagination allows.  I’m wearing the Sunniva headpiece and collar that is currently available at Tres Chic until June 10th.  You can grab this in a full color change set that has 20 colors for the main and accent pieces or in the five single colors sets available at the event.

Zibska is also participating in the SCALA & Windlight Magazine Achromatic avant garde event in celebration of Windlight Magazine’s 1 year anniversary with three new releases.  I’m wearing the bodysuit from the Gong outfit and then using pieces that goes with the Lyrica outfit as part of the scene.  The event will start on June 4th and run through June 18th.

*Sunniva {Headpiece & Collar} by Zibska @ Tres Chic
*Gong {wearing bodysuit only} by Zibska @ Achromatic – The Boutique **June 4th**
*Lyrica {pieces from skirt only} by Zibska @ Achromatic – The Boutique
Hair: Mayu by Argrace
Face Tattoo: Evanescence 04 Paint by *YS&YS* @ The Gacha Garden {ends today}
Cora Harness by RealEvil Industries @ Tres Chic

Pose: Waiting for by Morphine/Luna Daines (Hadaluna Daines)

Tómame O Déjame

LE 003

Song has no reflection to anything, but I’ve been on a Mexican kick lately hearing songs to my native tongue.  This singer and actress is one of the very few that I never tire of listening or watching.  I was listening to this particular song and I snatched the title that seemed fitting for this post.

I’m wearing the new headdress by .aisling. called the Flora, which is available at the just opened new round of We ❤ Role-Play.  It includes a hud to change the metal and the stones.  As always, another fantastic piece to accessorize your outfits with.  I coupled it with this new dress and jewels by Les Encantades.  The Alesia dress is also available in silver pearl and onyx. There are matching jewels for each dress and both can be found at We ❤ Role-Play.

LE 003-2

The pose that I am using is from the Goddess of War set by Ichuly, available now at Fair Play.

*Flora Headdress – .aisling. @ We ❤ Role-Play
*Alesia Gold Ruby – Les Encantades @ We ❤ Role-Play
*Alesia Jewelry Gold – Les Encantades @ We ❤ Role-Play
*Pose – Goddess of War Poses by ICHULY @ Fair Play
Hair – Dura – Girl*63 (Chocolate Parfait)

Worn out

The Verdandi Deux dress I’m wearing is by Zibska for the new round of reVamped that opens on March 28th.  It will come in 5 standard sizes plus fit mesh and comes with a color HUD giving you 11 choices for the dress and shoulder ruffles. I’m also wearing makeup by Zibska out now at the current round of SaNaRae.  The lip makeup comes in 12 colors with a tattoo layer included and appliers for Lelutka, Catwa & Omega and unisex TMP installer versions.

Worn Out 009

Worn out. An understatement.  I’m completely worn out and feeling so tired and mentally exhausted. My heart is feeling pretty heavy as well.  We become so immune when we hear of news of tragic events in other countries or when something happens to other people we don’t know.  Though when something bad happens to people you know the impact to your psyche is much greater.

I had recently heard that someone I was acquainted with, who doesn’t live near me now, lost her youngest son.  Then I just learned last night that someone else I know is going through ovarian cancer treatment again. It saddened me to hear this and know from my own personal experiences the emotions you go through during this process.

We all have seasons in life. It really is times like this that I can only be thankful and grateful that despite what I feel going through my own life stuff that it could always be a lot worse.

Through a rather benevolent gesture for lack of a better definition at this time… someone reminded me of the meaning of Easter and its symbolism of what it means to celebrate the resurrection.  Especially, in terms of love and forgiveness.  Quite often it’s easy to often box ourselves thinking about ourselves only, that we forget others are or could also be going through their own stuff.

That sometimes situations happen where people react out of their own frustrations and circumstances without intention to destroy and hurt others profusely.  It doesn’t mean everything can be forgotten or forgiven, at least not initially, but in some way, at least for me it helps to understand and be able to move forward in a positive way.   So in this season of Easter be willing to lay aside your grievances towards one another and be forgiving and remember life is too short.  Anger, resentment and bitterness only feeds to bring sickness into your body.

Happy Easter!

*Lip Makeup – Zibska – Laure @ SaNaRae   
*Dress – Zibska – Verdandi Deux @ ReVamped **Opens March 28th** 
Head Accessory – LODE – Parrot Tulips [Violets] @ Shiny Shabby
Hair – booN – PQP771

With true love the butterflies never go away

FP 045ps

*Hair – eXxEsS – Cassis
*Bunny Corset Big Pink – Una @ Hentai Fair {ends 3 March}
*Rainbow Butterfly Gacha – Le Coq D’or @ Fair Play – The Forgotten Game
– Head Accessory (Rainbow) Rare
– Hairpin (Pink)
– Necklace (Pink)
– Ring (Rainbow)
– Wings (Rainbow)

Colored Bush – Purple & Light Green – Happy Mood

Pose: Down & Out Set – Double Take