The first time ever I saw your face….


The Fantasy Collective began yesterday presenting us with a “Lootbox Gacha Event” from some of the best creators/designers on the grid.  Visit the TFC website if you want a sneak peak at the shopping guide. Una is participating with this gown called the Sele, which comes in 7 different colors in a long or short dress.  The lootbox rare are the ribbon, cape, sleeves and medallion that include texture change hud.


I’m wearing two recent releases by Zibska. The Viv collar which is the one with the spikes going down and then the Mairsile set is the other collar with the longer needles and includes the earrings and orbits. Both of these come with a texture change hud that gives you a large amount of colors to choose from. The Viv collar is at Shiny Shabby and the Mairsile set is at Tres Chic.

*Sele Gacha by Una @ The Fantasy Collective 
Selene Dress Long White
Selene Arms Rare
Selene Ribbon Rare
Selene Cape Rare
Locket/Medallon Pearl
*Viv Collar by Zibska @ Shiny Shiny
*Mairsile Collar by Zibska for Tres Chic
Hair: Cerys by Truth

Winter Spruces by 3D Trees
Stuffed Chipmunk by Happy Mood {past gacha}
Small Chipmunk by Gumi’s Flower Shop

Pose: It Spies [Winter] 1 by Pose It

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