RIP to the feelings I had for you


Ten days ago on my other blog I did another somewhat morbid scene and wanted to title it the same as this one today, except I said in my post that I didn’t want anyone to get the impression I was talking about someone in particular.

Though that title seems to want to be used by me and I find it most appropriate to use with this picture and no, once again this picture pertains to any situation or person in particular.

First, I’m not into all this blood and gore scenes, but bloggers were asked to blog this dress as a special request.  There was a clean version of the dress and my intention was to blog that one until I sorted out my inventory and began to see some other items that I could use and also meet blogging obligations at the same time.

It’s a win win and it allowed me to go beyond my comfort zone, even if I felt a bit weird googling blood textures to use on the porcelain skin called Hope by Essences. It’s available at the Freakshow Carnivale.  The hair is by NSP and its available in a variety of color tones and can be found at the Boho Culture Fair.

The dress and hat as mentioned above is available in a bloody and clean version and it’s by Una and can be found at The Bloody Horror Fair.  The gravestones that are part of the decor are by BananaN and can be found at this round of Totally Top Shelf.

*Skin: Hope by Essences – NEW @ Freakshow Carnivale  {blood photo-shopped in}
*Hair: Peace & Love by NSP/[MUSE] – NEW @ Boho Culture Fair
*Nurse Dress & Hat Blood by Una – NEW @ The Bloody Horror Fair
Butcher Knife by NOMAD

*For mesh head, body and eyes look under basics tab above.

*Gravestones  {Set called Halloween} by BananaN – NEW @ Totally Top Shelf 
Soil Sheet {Red} by {anc}
Puffy Grass [Frozen] by *alirium* {tinted}

Pose: I’m back by *~*HopScotch*~*

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