Come and rest your dry bones


I guess after five years you would expect to have all sorts of things in your inventory, even likely more than one of a similar item.  I’ll be the first to admit that I have almost no clue as to what I now have in my inventory.  I lost track a long time ago, way before I even hit the six digits. I do try and organize better as I go along, but even then I will likely forget what I bought days ago if it were not for the system I’ve developed to help me keep up.  I do events by month/year and non-events by purchases made by dates as of.

Though I do cringe every time that I start to clean my inventory and I find stuff that I never used, much less opened the box.  The nice thing about it is that it’s almost like going shopping again.

When I was looking for items to put a scene together I went searching for a skull and expected to find one or two.  I stopped to look after I rezzed several, so I have no clue how many there actually was, but I used seven here.

Don’t you think that’s a lot of dry bones to have? 🙂

*Gothic Armor by Mushilu @ The Fantasy Collective
Part of Frankie Sangue ~ Orbit by Zibska {just passed Body Art Hunt II}
Hair: Lab.009 hair by booN
Arm Bands Claire by *MUKA*

Cow Skull by [we’re CLOSED]
Mesh Long Horn Cow Skull by – TESLA –
Deer Skull by Apple Fall
Dia de los Muertos Skull by Zinnias
“Nevada” Cow Skull by Zinniasby Zinnias
Wanderlust . Flower Skull by Dust Bunny
Skull Post_Bull (Floral) by Stockholm&Lima {past gacha}
Sand Dune by Thickbrick Sleaford

Pose:!creamSH! mesh hands Pose  by !Cream Spaghetti Hair!

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