The great escape


Lately I find the time involved from taking the picture to processing it to the completion of getting it posted like a little escape for me. I get lost in my own little world when I’m in the throes of it.

While I love music and revel in the sounds and the soothing it can sometimes provide to my restless wandering mind and spirit I find myself quite often with the volume on mute.  There is something peaceful and tranquil being in complete silence.  Maybe I hear my thoughts more clearly without the constant chatter in the background.  It’s a little like meditation perhaps.

In any case I enjoy these moments of relaxation.

Today I am showing some awesome pieces from Zibska.  Her work is awesome and you should go check her store out if you’re not familiar with it. I love that she allows you to be as creative as your imagination allows.  I’m wearing the Sunniva headpiece and collar that is currently available at Tres Chic until June 10th.  You can grab this in a full color change set that has 20 colors for the main and accent pieces or in the five single colors sets available at the event.

Zibska is also participating in the SCALA & Windlight Magazine Achromatic avant garde event in celebration of Windlight Magazine’s 1 year anniversary with three new releases.  I’m wearing the bodysuit from the Gong outfit and then using pieces that goes with the Lyrica outfit as part of the scene.  The event will start on June 4th and run through June 18th.

*Sunniva {Headpiece & Collar} by Zibska @ Tres Chic
*Gong {wearing bodysuit only} by Zibska @ Achromatic – The Boutique **June 4th**
*Lyrica {pieces from skirt only} by Zibska @ Achromatic – The Boutique
Hair: Mayu by Argrace
Face Tattoo: Evanescence 04 Paint by *YS&YS* @ The Gacha Garden {ends today}
Cora Harness by RealEvil Industries @ Tres Chic

Pose: Waiting for by Morphine/Luna Daines (Hadaluna Daines)

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