Put on Your Warrior Spirit

FP 0023

Don’t let him sway you with his sultry rhymes
Don’t let him woo and steal your heart away
Don’t let him touch your soul with soulful lines
You know, my dear, he only wants to play

Don’t let him tell you that you are divine
Don’t let him make you think that you’re unique
Don’t let him say your eyes are pools sublime
You know, my dear, he wants to make you weak

He wants to break defenses and come in
To taste the hidden pleasures of your heart
He wants to take, to conquer, and to win
And leave the walls of love broken apart

There is no greater pain than wounded pride
When truth reveals betrayal’s sharpened knife
Revenge will be the thorn there in your side
For he has taken love, and dreams and life

So do not let him win in lover’s game
Pick up your sword and gird yourself to fight
If you succumb, you will not be the same
I urge you then to vanquish with your might

Then still your heart and let it dormant lie
Let not your eyes take in the beauty there
He will not stop; he will most surely try
To ravish you and leave you naked, bare

So fight, dear one; your heart is on the line
Don’t let your guard now slip; be strong and brave
Heed what I say and know you’re spirit’s fine
To win this fight, your soul and heart to save

“Put on Your Warrior Spirit” Poem by Eileen Manassian

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