Monkeying around on the panda express

Bampu 014

Someone asked me if I was in a killer mood after yesterday’s post, which sort of made me chuckle. Actually, I was in a pretty good mood if somewhat reflective about love and the effects of love and the good, bad and the ugly when it comes to it. You can’t preach on what you don’t really have experience in and mine is fairly limited, so I only share my thoughts here and there.

Today I am featuring these ruins and the monkey trees by BamPu Legacies, which are available now at Fantasy Faire.  There are several sets of the builds that allow you to create your own design that can be purchased on their own or as a complete pack of all the sets.  You have only a few more days as the event ends on May 1st and don’t forget that a lot of the creations at this event go to support the American Cancer Society’s vision of a world without cancer.

Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday!

*Dazzle Zap Sequin Monkey Tree Scene (Quest Item) by BamPu Legacies @ Fantasy Faire 2016 ~MFGC
*Legacy Realms Bridge & Stairs (Set 1) by BamPu Legacies @ Fantasy Faire 2016  ~MFGC
*Legacy Ruins 3 Broken Home & Arch Door (Set 3) by BamPu Legacies @ Fantasy Faire 2016 ~MFGC
Wonderful pandas – Rideable Panda – Rare by Fawny @ The Epiphany
Wonderful pandas – Decor 3 by Fawny @ The Epiphany
Wonderful pandas – Decor 4 by Fawny @ The Epiphany
Wonderful pandas – Forearm by Fawny @ The Epiphany

Hair: After the Rain by Exile
Body Accessories Gold by Asteria 

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