No Querías Lastimarme

Last night I was going through my folders assessing what I still had left to blog when I ran across this short dress that can be lingerie as well by MoDANNA and put it on.  It’s available at the Black Fashion Fair in five colors and standard sizes as well as fit mesh for the Belleza, Maitreya & Slink.  The pose on this chair gave me remembrance of the song and video hence the use of it here.

Modanna 029

My post is rather long so  you may want to run now as it’s just my random thoughts. So I heard this song a few weeks ago and it touched a deep chord in me for it’s intensity and the emotionalism despite the fact that it’s really a rather sad song with a tragic ending.

How tragic love is sometimes.  Someone recently wrote its a blessing to know what you feel and being able to express it.  I certainly concur with that statement as many people do struggle with knowing how they feel and often get confused in their emotions, especially, if it’s based on how the other person treats them in the moment when conflict arises.  I’m no expert when it comes to love and while I may question my own foolishness or actions sometimes when in love I have never questioned the validity of the love I have once it takes hold. I’ve been around people who fall in and out of love and then been guided by people such as my mother and grandmother who have lived and loved only one man their entire lives.

It doesn’t mean they didn’t have problems or issues in their marriage, but they come from a generation of serving the man.  The generation of honoring and respecting the marriage union through all trials and tribulations and trust me our culture has a very male dominant structure so it’s not easy… just ask them! While I come from a different generation there is a lot of respect and adherence to the old ways, but not to the point of being a doormat.

I am not sure where I am going with this post, other than I’ve been reflecting on the subject of love and someone I know is going through a relationship difficulty and recently said some hurtful words to someone they care for deeply about. They asked me for my thoughts and it’s a mixture of running thoughts as we all verbalize and internalize differently.  I’ve been on the receiving end of feeling hurt from words said to me by someone that I know cares for me and yet it doesn’t excuse or lesson the impact of what they said in their moment of anger.  It’s the aftermath and how you deal with it that makes or breaks you or the relationship.

I’ve always been pretty outspoken and direct and have offended others with words without an intention of doing it, so it’s hard for me to sit and judge others who do it in their moments of anger or emotional intensity.  I think having the wisdom  and maturity to rationalize the undercurrents, motives and intent has given me at least the initiative to see situations and people from a different perspective.  It also depends on my own emotional state as I can be quite determined at times to hold on to things and at other times I just let them slide off and move on.

I think the only advice I could really give is that if you meant the words then maybe you need to reflect whether those qualities you dislike are a mirror of things inside you or qualities in the other person that you can or cannot accept as part of their nature. I liken it to how my siblings and I get along as we’re all quite different. Some hold their anger until it intensifies to the point they burst with it and leave a trail of damage and others get angry, scream and verbalize and moments later it’s like nothing happened and leaves some of us just shaking our heads. Though there is a bond there of familial love that surpasses even hurt emotions from words spoken.

When it comes to love and our significant others it seems we all take things to heart and the impact depends on how we handle conflict and the issues that will certainly happen as no relationship goes untested. Personally, the bottom line for me is that if two people who love each other want to make it work, they will despite the obstacles even when there are cracks in the foundation.

Or maybe I am just naive in love.

By the way the hidden presidential sign is more of a joke rather than any party affiliation.

*Hair: Creme by eXxEsS
*[Elau Collection] Short Strap Dress by MoDANNA @ Black Fashion Fair
Silen Assassin Gun-Snake by BAMSE @ Cosmopolitan
Marquee Board/Bed by Floorplan
Sleepless Attic Skybox by Dust Bunny
Tropical Plant + Worn out Wooden Stepladder by Toro
Kitsch Bird Lamp by Junk
Messy Beer Cans by Soy
Shy Stool [Oak] by {anc}
Craftsman Chair & Stool by DIGS
Bernie for President Yard Sign by Brocante
Bicolore Vase – Black by Kalopsia
Tequila bottle (gold) by [kunst]
Valpolicella Italian Red Wine Bottle by CyberKitten Bakery & Grocery

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