Walk 022

I have been in this outfit for the last couple days or maybe longer with the intent to take a picture, except I have been happily distracted doing a landscaping job that I put it aside.

Then yesterday I got into somewhat of a bad mood after putting myself on the line again only to get… well lets say their response at first made me bite my tongue. I had to give myself a bit of a pep talk reminding myself that some people communicate in the most eloquent of ways… silence is an answer too.

Walking 020

So in the end I just had to smile and shake it off and move on.  You can’t control another person’s behavior only your reaction and I’m choosing to love myself more these days… selfishly so.

To relax I took myself out on the grid and after a pleasant night of dancing and a bit of a loose tongue and I’m definitely blaming the latter on the wine I decided to take some pictures. Only to discover that my goggles were buried in my chest due to the pose used. I had to do some retakes this morning and ended up choosing a different angle altogether.  I played around with wind-lights with the first picture and the second with pic-monkey and a wallpaper stock.  Under credits is the unedited version.

Have a great Saturday!

*Assassin Boots-Faded Black by LightStar
Peasant Skin – Stargazer Creations
Loveless Tears Bloody – Dazed
Minato Hair by Argrace {past group gift}
Urban Fallout Gacha by Foxes @ The Epiphany
-Hat Dark
-Jacket Dark Rare
-Bikini Top & Bottom
-Belt Dark
-Ax Worn
-Goggles Dark

Pose: Male Model Pose 65 by Exposes

Location: After the Fall – Dark Urban Role-Play



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