Heavy On My Heart

Angel 0173

I often take pictures for my own amusement and this is one I took a few days ago from some of the items from the epiphany event. Sometimes pictures are an expression of what I may be feeling or thinking or often just an inspiration that arises from whatever I have put together.  This was just an inspiration as I wanted something different than other pictures I’ve taken using wings. Though it’s eerie how it serves a purpose today to express my emotions in this case when my heart feels heavy over someone that I care about.

It’s a blessing and a curse to be quite sensitive sometimes, especially when I am extremely connected with someone as it means that I have a keen awareness to their moods without even having to be told.

I just feel it.

Angel 017

This was my original take and the rest was done using pic-monkey.

Lab.009 Hair by booN
Spring Sundress Rare by Reign @ The Epiphany
Secret Rosary by PerveTTe @ Black Fashion Fair
Oakley Wings-Silver by Blueberry @ The Epiphany

I love this song and it touches a little of what I am feeling.

*Source of wallpaper: http://www.coolwallpapers.org/

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