Stop to inhale the very thing that kills you

Genre 016

First, as I mentioned in my other blog thank you to anyone who sent me a kind word regarding the passing of an extended family member.  I know with blogging, and or our activities in Second Life some of us do not speak or get to see each other in person often or at all.

Though there is always a handful of people that support you in their own way when we know or read something that has affected us and that is something to be grateful and thankful for.

Today I am featuring a couple of items from Oddfish that are available at this round of Genre.  The telescopic cigarette and the pose I am using.  The actual smoke in the picture is not the one that actually comes out of the cigarette.  The smoke didn’t come out too well in my picture that I had to put one in.

Go check out the great stuff at Genre.

*Virginia Ultra Telescopic Cigarette – Oddfish @ GENRE
*Dirty Habit Pose – Oddfish @ GENRE
Ruff It Up Hair – .Shi
Hummingbird Tattoo – NanikA @ Fair Play {event gift}
Siren Dress Long Rare – Pixicat {past gacha}


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