I can’t escape, so I’ll just fight back


Two days before it ended on March 31st I started to do the Twisted Hunt, which is considered to be one of the most difficult hunts to do.  I had not done this hunt fully in over two years.  I only knew about it when I saw an item on a blog post that came from this hunt.

I’m mentioning, because it lead me to a side hunt and it was one of the most fun hunts I’ve ever done.  The hunt was a side hunt for the store Roped Passions that had additional accessories you could get to match the twisted hunt item.  I just loved the whole concept, plus the crypt and the maze they created for this hunt was just great.

This particular section of the crypt gave me the most laughs, because my avatar like in real life can’t walk a straight line.  I kept falling off the narrow boards to get to a door in the crypt that would lead me through another section of the maze.  I’m sure I did it more than three times before I could do it without falling.  It just made me laugh each time. I was lucky that it was still up when I went back to take this picture.  It’s now been taken down, but thank you to the creator/designer of this hunt as it was most enjoyable.

Featuring some more items from the Totally Top Shelf event.

*Viking Kit {Horn Helmet, Shield & Axe} – Poisoned Diamond @ Totally Top Shelf
*Ragnarok Dress & Bone Necklace – Moon Elixir @ Totally Top Shelf
*Dorlein Boots – {TWS} @ Totally Top Shelf
Braid – LeLutka – Oscar Hair
Hand/Arm Wraps – MUKA

Pose: Rogue Pose {past gacha} by RACK Poses

Location: Roped Passions

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