Virtual idiosyncrasies


Despite the countless reasons we find ourselves in this virtual world there is one thing that most of us can agree on.  Second Life should be a place to have fun. So are you having fun? Or are you tired of the same old same old thing?

Man 008

In an effort to make our SL a little more engaging and not so routine a couple of friends and I have started to somewhat challenge ourselves to doing silly things just for a laugh.  I think going around in a sack would be a stretch for a lot of people don’t you think? It was actually the most hilarious thing!  To spice it up we added some collars so that our sexy dirt smeared friend here could “drag” us around like a sack of grain.  Sack 1 and Sack 2 tried to reach out to people everywhere we went asking for help to escape, but sadly no one would come to our rescue.  I know. Sad world.

Challis Products is where you can find your own sack avatar or other unique items to make your SL even more entertaining.

*Avatar in a Sack Avatar – Challis Products
Ruffneck Collar – Virtual Disgrace

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