Lost in your eyes, drowning in blue

NC 012

It’s been raining here a few days now and it’s the kind of overcast day that puts you in a lackadaisical sort of mood.  A friend gifted me with this mesh head and I haven’t decided whether it’s me or not.  I really like it and some of the expressions. It’s just a bit tedious trying on so many demos to find the right skin to make it uniquely you.  I’m wearing the skin that came with the head for now until I settle on a skin, even though I am more likely to use it here and then unless it really wears well.

I’m featuring these shoulder straps by [Noble Creations] currently available at the Fantasy Collective until February 15th.  There is a silver and gold version.  I have previously blogged this amazon crown by the same designer, but this time I am wearing the gold version.  It is available at the Secret Affair until January 31st.

*Amazon Warrior Crown (Gold) – [Noble Creations] @ The Secret Affair
*Dea – [Noble Creations] @ The Fantasy Collective
Head – LeLutka – Simone
Hair – Truth – Ambrosia

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