We’ll just call them all randy….

Spyrelle 020ps

I sort of wanted to make a joke about these “randy goats” resembling men in… coughs.  What’s that quote… you can’t live with them and you can’t live without them. 

Anyways, I’m in a great mood and I was inspired to do another quick post for Fair Play.  This round is open for another week ending on the 27th of January.  The tunic and trousers are from Spyralle, and is available with a texture Hud for all sorts of accent colors.   The hair and rose wreath is by [Oblivion], available in several color choices.

The last item is the red picket fence by unKindness, which is available in a few color choices and now available at the store.

*Hair & Wreath – [Oblivion] – Middle Age 034/Black Midnight & Rose Wreath @ Fair Play
*Silk Road II Tunic & Trousers – Spyralle @ Fair Play

*Red Picket Fence – unKindness
Goat w/ Sounds – Media Company Brzeg
Grass Patch – [TUFF]
Dirt Path-Heavy – [TUFF]
Willow Tree – Annastasia Scofield
No Limits.Old Electric Pole  {anc}
Grass Field Green – [we’re CLOSED]

Pose: Adrienne by oOo Studios

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