Standing watch

FP 010

I had an angel theme going there with my last three posts, which was a fun thing to do showcasing different kinds of angel outfits.

Today I’m showcasing a warrior theme outfit that is available at Fair Play by [EvelineInTheBox] called the Vioreta, which comes available in several colors. It includes the corset, pauldrons and skirt.

It’s a great outfit altogether though it does leave some under breast showing.  I tried a top using an applier except the color didn’t quite match so I had to search for an alternative.  I finally recalled this bra from the Shynila set by aisling to help detract and cover a bit of the flesh showing.

The hair I’m wearing is from eXxEsS, and comes in various colors.  I thought to go blonde today with this look and I must admit that of all the color choices being blonde is the one that I feel quite foreign in.  Strange I know, considering we are in a world of fantasy where we can literally be anything we wish.

The Victorian Valve Tower is covered in my other blog at Bits & Pieces of SL, but did want to point it out that it makes for a great role-play piece, so go check it out.

*Hair – eXxEsS – Vedma
*Vioreta Black – [EvelineInTheBox] @ Fair Play
{Corset, Pauldrons & Skirt}
Strap Female – May’s Soul {part of Emery Horns Pack}
Bra – .aisling. – Shynila Set {past gacha}
Black Arm Bracers – [Teri]otrope

*Victorian Valve Tower – DaD Design @ LTD: The Event {January 12th -26th}
Japanese Maple (Green) – [ Organica ]
Grass – Fanatik Architecture {past group gift}

Pose: Cici by [pose+ivity]

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