Double edge sword

“Like a sword, a few simple words can wound and cut you deeply.” 

Close up 06323

This past week I had words with someone that I care about that resulted in an ending of not only a friendship, though for me the loss signified a lot more.  The words exchanged were cutting and on my end I was wounded deeply.  That’s why they say words are like a double edge sword…when something has favorable and unfavorable consequences.  In one aspect words can be a freedom of expression and yet the words can be so cutting and damaging they cause harm.

I don’t know if the relationship is repairable and I wasn’t really given a choice in the matter.  It’s one of those situations where you just have to let go and trust that if the relationship was real and worth it then it will mend and be strong again.  I can’t erase the past only acknowledge my part in the events and learn from them and just move forward with a greater understanding of choosing my words and actions wisely in the future.

My advice is guard your words with people that you care about, be it second life or real life.
Una 057

The collar that I am wearing is from Una and is currently available at Shiny Shabby. The swords wall decor is by Nobles Creations that was recently released this past week for 25L Tuesday and is now available at full price at the store.  It pays to take a look at those weekly lists.

*Elisa Collar – Una @ Shiny Shabby
Eunice Headdress Rare Silver – .aisling.
Hair – Truth – Louisa {Subscriber Gift}
Melancholy Armor Metal Set – DRD
Ambar Nipple Pasties Silver – Luas
Arius Skirt – .aisling.
The Unexpected Wife – Sword –  .aisling.
Nila Claws – Steel/White Rare – Kibitz

*Simple Swords Wall – Nobles Creations

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