Quite emotional now

Mays Soul 073

I’m featuring the arm tattoo by Things named Miron, which is currently available at Illusion Point.  The Miron tattoo comes with appliers for the Slink Physique, TMP, Omega System (Maitreya/Belleza) in both fresh and faded intensity.  It’s also unisex.

I went a bit monochrome with this picture.. so would like to point out that the colors of the items worn are a considerably more vibrant than what is being shown. Though as you can see the pieces are exceptionally well made and anything from both May’s Soul and Luas are never disappointing.

Mesh Eyelids – Slink
Openmouth_Open_Addon_7.1 – [PXL]
Hair – Exile – Blown Away
Acanthea Gacha {Belt Golden & Top Golden} – Luas @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Acham Gacha {Belt Small, Crown Rare, Nosechain, Set Black (bra & thong), Staff Rare & Flute} – May’s Soul @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
*Miron Tattoo – Things @ Illusion Point

Autumn Forest Premade stock texture by Frozenstocks at Deviant Art

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