Sunny delights

Warrior 020

This month has been a little slow going for me all around with so many things up in the air.  Though coming in and putting together an outfit and setting up a scene always puts me in that zone of relaxation to ease the stress and that is something I definitely need right now in my life.

Today I am showing several things by Una, which are available at two role-play fantasy events.  One of those events is the Fantasy Gacha Carnival and Una has three gachas to help you with your role-play wardrobe.  One of them is the Leila silks set, which includes the spiral skirt and top, the chain collar and bracelets that I’m wearing, all of which are common and come in various colors. The arm bracelets and a hair pin not shown are rare. I’m also wearing crani pads, which is part of the unisex jewelry gacha set and available in four colors. The third gacha set is the Lissandra, which I blogged previously here.

Warrior 023

Una is also participating this month at the We ❤ Role-Play event and has the Taluna set available that includes the chained pad, scarf & skirt.  The fur, top and skirt come with a hud to change the color of the texture giving you several options to mix and match.

My title came as a result of the sun glow that I added, but works as the mesh head is called Sunny, a group gift by Genesis Labs.

Mesh Head – Genesis Labs – Sunny 2.0 {group gift}
Hair – Besom – Mira
Face Band – OrsiniSun – The Savage Berry Face Band Noir {store closed}
Leila Silks Gacha Set:
*Chain Collar Black – Una @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
*Spiral Skirt Black – Una @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
*Spiral Top Black – Una @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
*Bracelet Gold – Una @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
*Arm Bracelets – Una @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Unisex Skull Jewelry Gacha Set:
*Crani Pads – Una @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
*Taluna Gold Set – Una @ We ❤ Role-Play
{chained pad, scarf & skirt}
The Hag Limited Edition Staff – Bite & Claw @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Tattoo – Ghost’Ink – Baka Brown @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Body Filth Tattoo – Clemmm

Banyan Tree v.1.1 – Little Branch
CatTail {cluster} – Little Branch

Pose: Loose Ends Set/End of the Road – Le Poppycock

*Review copy

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