Selecting fresh produce.

Produce Shopping 001

Doing one last post as I will be leaving out of town today for the rest of the week and I wanted to show these crates of produce that Dysfunctional Designs has created for this round of We ❤ Role-Play.   There are six small crates that contain yellow squash, carrots, cabbage, apples, oranges and zucchini and make for perfect decor for a market stall or even your kitchen.

Here are the details of everything pictured.

Body – Maitreya – Lara V3.2
Skin – Lumae – Adore 5 Amber Bare
Hair – Elua – Shena Black
Eyelashes – Redgrave – 32 CandyDoll
Dress – Luminary – Meabh Gown @ We ❤ Role-Play 
Whimsical Arm & Leg Bracers & Ring Set {Feb. 2015 FGC} – [Haste]
Silver Sandals – [MeshedUp]
Onion & Spring Onion {part of Marti Bag} – Vooner Voom

*All-New Produce Crates – [DDD]/Dysfunctional Designs @ We ❤ Role-Play 
Produce Crate – Eggplants – [DDD]/Dysfunctional Designs Gift @ We ❤ Role-Play
Harvest Buckets – Squash – [DDD]/Dysfunctional Designs
Mossy Double Oak w/ Ivy – 3D Trees
Wagon Wheel Planter – [DDD]/Dysfunctional Designs
Cobblestone Floor – Stormwood
Ivy Branches {taken from another item and used}
Medieval Market Stall – Domineaux
Sweet Garden Grass 07 – Happy Mood
Watermelons Stack – Bite & Claw {part of market stall set}
Stalls & Wall – Built myself.

Pose: Nitti 1 by {Pose Maniacs}

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