It was nothing compared to the fire that burned within her.

Holding her own 005

If you’re following me from my original blog “A Bit of Spunk” welcome and thank you for your continued readership and a welcome to new followers.  For a while now I’ve been tossing the idea of creating a new blog specifically for the fantasy and role-play  photos that I enjoy doing in Second Life.  I blame it on all the Xena Warrior Princess shows I watched in the 90s.  I really enjoyed watching that show.  Actually, my enjoyment of woman warriors probably goes further than that as I grew up watching Wonder Woman in the late 70s, when I was in that impressionable age bracket before hitting my teen years.

This is pure fun on my part as I do not role-play at all and most of my outfits are created from what I think looks good worn together based on my personal style and taste.  A perfect example is this outfit that was assembled using old and new items from different fantasy events.

As mentioned in my about section I do not claim to know any of the historical premises or origins of these articles of clothing and accessories or myths, legends or even mythologies that may pertain to them as well or the accuracy of the content design.  I may from time to time research a particular period for reference as I put together an outfit if there is a certain theme it was made for that inspires me.

I’m looking forward to showing you more as time permits now that I’ve figured out how to manage two blogs without it seeming like I was taking on more work and using up more time. The ability to switch from one to the other seems quite simple and it’s really only a matter if I blog or not.

Yuki Gris Eyes – {SONG}
Feline – Little Bones
Handariel Headdress Rare, Plastron Rare, Armbands, Bracelets & Collar – .aisling. @ The Secret Affair
Rosamarie Skirt [Ink] – Junbug {past gacha}
Feathers – [Heroic Vestments]
Chain Headdress Rare – May’s Soul @ Love & War Fair
Eunice Helmet, Pauldrons & Bracers Rare {Accessory Set Silver Rare}, Dress Silver & Brown – Luas @ Love & War Fair 

Pose: Heh #2 by Del May {slightly modified}

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